“She’s amazing” Tom Hiddleston told about the affair with Taylor swift

«Она потрясающая»: Том Хиддлстон рассказал о романе с Тейлор Свифт

Tom Hiddleston has confessed his warm feelings for ex-lover Taylor swift.

35-year-old actor Tom Hiddleston (Tom Hiddleston) spoke about the affair with a former lover, 27-year-old singer Taylor swift (Taylor Swift) in an interview with GQ. “Of course, it was real, says Tom. — Taylor an amazing woman. She is generous, kind, and sweet, and we get on very well together.”

The actor also commented on the controversial issue of his t-shirt with inscription I love T. S.

“The fact that I fell that day and hurt his back. And I wanted something to cover before the sun, and one of the friends was this t-shirt. It was a great joke. Our personal, for friends. I never thought this would happen, explains Hiddleston. — I was surprised that this episode has attracted so much attention. This t-shirt seemed to become the emblem of this novel”.

The actor said he was really disappointed that their romance is over. But he said both wanted a simple relationship, but in the end, became public.

“I only know it’s real. She is incredible. But, damn it, all these cameras. Relationships always require work. And public relations. I’m still trying to find a way to save them, while not hiding the affair from prying eyes”.

Sudden novel Hiddleston and swift broke out in the summer of 2016. The developments were watched by the whole world, but the sentiments expressed had burned out as quickly as it flared up: in the autumn of the same year, the couple broke up.