«Она была человеком света»: друзья поделились воспоминаниями о Сенчиной People’s artist of Russia died in Saint Petersburg at the age of 67 years. Lyudmila Senchina has struggled with cancer, preferring to hide his diagnosis from the public. Friends of the star said goodbye to her in the program Andrei Malakhov.
«Она была человеком света»: друзья поделились воспоминаниями о Сенчиной

Andrey Malakhov dedicated programme departed today from the life of Lyudmyla senchinoj. Sad news leading transmission “Andrey Malakhov. Live” said the husband and the artist Director Vladimir Andreyev. “At 8.45 am I had a call on the mobile phone. The husband of Ludmila Senchina Volodya said, “Andrew, Lucy is no more”, – said the journalist.

The program talked about the fact that Lyudmila was struggling with cancer a year and a half. Star didn’t want to burden anybody with his problems, therefore, prefer not to talk about difficult diagnosis. The singer said that the scene gave her strength. Last fall, the actress last appeared on TV in live at Andrey Malakhov.

In the Studio gathered connoisseurs of talent of senchinoj to say goodbye and share memories. Honoured artist of Russia Andrey bill admitted that every Saturday I watched a program “Artlite”. The singer was in love with Sencio. “For me there was no one, just her. She looked like the bride of Mickey mouse,” recalls bill.

«Она была человеком света»: друзья поделились воспоминаниями о Сенчиной

Ex-Director of the group “Flowers” Nikolai Agutin shared that Senchina amazed others with their abilities. “We called her the Letter. She possessed all to itself. We lived at that time, when there came up the track, he recalls. – Luda was an amazing man.”

Katya Semenova called Lyudmila Senchina “man of light”. The actress watched last year’s release “Live”, which was made by her friend. After the transfer Semenova even thought that the disease is senchinoj retreated, so great seemed the favorite of millions.

“I’m not going to say that we were friends. But we communicated. When called up, could crack the clock. I knew she was sick. After the ether I had hope that everything worked out [with the disease] – said Semenov. You know, she could even send anyone to tell the truth. Never grimace, it’s so unusual for our time.”
«Она была человеком света»: друзья поделились воспоминаниями о Сенчиной

Director of concert hall “October” Emma Lavrinovich knew about the illness of the famous singer and tried to cheer her up.

“I remember I went into her dressing room and she was tired and said to me, “I fight, I struggle, but I fight”. After that, she went on stage and smiling – says a good friend Lyudmila Petrovna. – No one even imagined how it is bad. Next to her was always the spouse of Vladimir. He said: “what happiness that we have a house in the countryside. Because of this she holds.” She enjoyed the nature.”

Igor Kornelyuk and Tatiana Bulanova got in touch with the Studio of St. Petersburg. Famous composer and singer admitted that he can not come to terms with the death of senchinoj. “I had Ilya Oleynikov. I did not understand what he wanted to tell me. But when I heard this news, I understood everything. Left Lysecki… She was a soprano, lyric soprano, that it was impossible for anyone to confuse, – said Korneluk. – I can’t believe it, not suck. I have the feeling that she went away for a while and will be back soon. I think this flag to pick up no one. The Lord gave her amazing voice and appearance”.

Tatiana Bulanova often met Lyudmyla senchinoj at concerts. “I want to believe that there is no death. She was positive and bright, – says the singer. – I knew she was sick, but she gave the impression. Very hard and sad. Bright her memory, of course.”

«Она была человеком света»: друзья поделились воспоминаниями о Сенчиной

About the novels of Liudmila Petrovna was legendary. According to Natalia Nurmuhamedova, the star often confided with her.

“She told me about the first husband, regretted that so out. Sad that the son remains single. But talking about it is easy. And showed me diamonds that were carried with him, he told who and what gave. I thought: “How she carries them with him?” – told the singer.

At the end of the program all present in the Studio stood to honor the memory of famous actress and singer. The audience was shown a video in which Lyudmila Senchina sang a song Michel Legrand from the movie “umbrellas of Cherbourg”.