Глюк'оZа трогательно поздравила мужа с днем рождения
The singer gave the home the nickname spouse.

Photo: Instagram

Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova got very lucky with my husband. Gluk’oza and Alexander Chistyakov has been together for more than ten years, and during that time the press not leaked any of the star scandal. On the contrary, they both constantly recognized each other in love, and all my friends say that in their family there is complete harmony.

Today the husband of the singer celebrating a birthday. Natalia very gently congratulated her husband on the Network.

“This time I want to congratulate you not only as your wife and the mother of your children, — I wrote to the ions in the Network. — And to Express my incredible respect and emphasize your fundamental human qualities! The longer I live with you and see how you feel about yourself and others, the more you realize that you are exceptional. Such, so to speak, will not do. First and foremost, you’re a very decent person, and know that not only I, but those who had business with you. You’re a man of your word, responsibility. Maybe you are sharp, but this is typical of people who take responsibility and carry it to the end. Exactly the same you and home — a real man, who raised an incredible plate on which nearly all women. Every you think is special and extremely loved. You never ask nothing in return. And, of course, your Love for me. I can feel how it is limitless! She is the absolute! You accept me for who I am, but it always set me on growth, confidence in their own abilities. Maybe you’re not always able to tell me from his natural shyness, you’re not showering me with compliments without end! But you never allowed me to doubt the sincerity of your feelings. Thank you I have my favorite Person!!! I’m sure everyone who knows you, will agree with me! And I want you to enjoy life less of struggle and petty people around, to love, to enjoy love of your favorite friends and of course family! Happy Birthday, MUSYA! Love it!”