The widow of Sergei Bodrov stole more than half a million rubles

У вдовы Сергея Бодрова украли более полумиллиона рублей As it became known to the media, the wife of a famous actor and Director has addressed with the statement to POLICE at the Presnensky district. Svetlana Bodrova reported that the fraudsters who introduced themselves as officers of the Bank, withdrew a substantial sum from her account.
У вдовы Сергея Бодрова украли более полумиллиона рублей

As journalists, the widow of Sergei Bodrov became a victim of hackers. The Director has lost about 600 thousand rubles. The scammer called Svetlana and had an employee of the Bank where she kept her savings.

At the other end of the wire Svetlana named her passport details, account number and card, as well as information on recent transactions. Words from a stranger inspired the Director trust, so she continued the conversation. A bad guy can persuade Svetlana to give him the code that came to her via SMS. He argued that the Bank passed restructuring and a change in the rules entry in an electronic “wallet”.

Bodrov complied with the instructions of the caller and told him the secret numbers that Bank employees are asked to never divulge to others. After that, the phone Svetlana began to receive messages about the withdrawals from her account. The man who introduced himself as an employee of the credit institution continued to keep in touch with the unsuspecting woman and claimed that the failure occurred.

У вдовы Сергея Бодрова украли более полумиллиона рублей
У вдовы Сергея Бодрова украли более полумиллиона рублей

If you believe the information that was available to journalists, during the conversation, the fraudsters managed to withdraw Bodrova 585 thousand rubles. Some time later, Svetlana Bodrova realized what happened was wrong, and called the police. The woman wrote a statement about the incident, which occurred on 24 January at around 13.30.

According to Bodrova, she picked up the phone, although the room was unfamiliar, as was in a depressed state. It is alleged that the Director had experienced problems related to her professional activities. As it turned out, she was left without work – her project is “movie Time” with RAVENOL Kursovoy and Alexander PAL lasted very long. Apparently, the program was not popular with viewers of the First channel, and decided to close. In addition, in the country Bodrova suddenly accident – there is a burst boiler and the whole house flooded with water, reports “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. The combination of these factors has negatively affected the woman.

Recall that after the death of Sergei Bodrov in September 2002, his wife refrained from talking to journalists. Only last year Svetlana broke the silence and spoke about the challenges she had to face. The first woman gave an interview telling about his relationship with a famous actor, as well as the life after the tragedy. “He flew like a bird”: the wife of Sergei Bodrov’s the first time the story of love, pain of loss and false friends