Шайя ЛаБеф помолвлен с девушкой, которую едва не убил

As reported by Western media, the notorious actor Shia LaBeouf, star of “Transformers”, is going to marry his sweetheart MIA Goth. That artist has made his girlfriend a proposal, Shaya told himself. But not to representatives of the press, and the cashier at the supermarket and one of the protesters #ELEVATE, organized Labaton.

As proof of engagement, the finger MIA and in fact appeared a diamond ring. Who knows, maybe really Goth decided to marry the man who almost killed her last year.
Recall that the fighting MIA and SEIU has razmorozili passers-by. A few minutes later, heading in a taxi to the airport, the actor confessed to the driver that if he wasn’t taken away he would kill MIA. Knowing the strangeness Lobata, it is quite possible to believe.
Recall that the pair met in 2012 on the film “Nymphomaniac”. With Goth Shaya played some very explicit erotic scenes. At that time the actor was free so shamelessly drew attention to the cases. The novel only lasted a few months, but with new force has renewed in 2014.

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