Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» собирается покорить «Голос» Witch Tatyana Larina has applied to participate in the show. The new season of the popular talent show kicks off this fall. Former member of “Battle of psychics” is determined to get there.

      Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» собирается покорить «Голос»

      Fans of the reality show “Battle of psychics” remember cute blonde Tatiana Larin. The witch of St. Petersburg was the main rival Julia Wang, the winner of the 15th season of the program. Now clairvoyant in certain circles is considered one of the strongest mages of the city on the Neva. Meanwhile, Tatiana is aiming at the stars of show business.

      Witch the first step to the Olympus of fame can be a part in the popular music competition “the Voice”. Larin applied in the show. Ahead of the auditions, so the psychic strenuously trains and selects the song that will win all the jury members. The new season of “the Voice” starts this fall. And while Tatiana is the time to prepare well for the competition.

      By the way, psychic is not the first year is professionally engaged in vocal. It is a gift of the psychic it opened not so long ago. But singing for many years was her profession. For example, the famous pop singer Stas Kostyushkin – one of the disciples of the mysterious blonde. “Tanya Larina, my first teacher of pop vocal. God, how long ago it was! Now she’s a famous psychic,” he shared with fans the contractor.

      Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» собирается покорить «Голос»

      It is worth noting that among friends there are witches and participant in the third season of “the Voice. Children” Xenia Bakunova. The young lady will tell her friend about the inner workings of the project and will give a couple tips. By the way, Xenia has long been friends with the participants of “Battle of psychics” and even met with them the New year.

      “Of course, I have multiple experiences in call peak dam, divination on Christmas, it is very peculiar to me and people my age. It is time to enter a new level, so come here,” shared the young singer with journalists during a magical celebration.

      By the way, Tatyana Larina, too, was present at this extraordinary event and was directly involved in various rituals. In my practice, the witch uses fire, weapons, as well as ancient languages. According to her, she has psychic abilities, for example, can see the past and the future, control the elements, effectively remove all kinds of phobias and solve problems in their personal lives.

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