Девид Бекхэм тяжело переносит разлуку с детьми

From all star fathers famous footballer David Beckhamis probably the most sensitive. The famous athlete is constantly busy with the family and its interests, he knows what his four children, supporting them in the endeavors and does not tolerate the separation from them. He told this in an interview with GQ, on the cover of the April issue which he appeared.

“I physically feel sick when I have to go away from children” — said David and he admitted that he often spends time reviewing the cartoon “Cold heart” (“Frozen”) with his four-year-old daughter Harper. He agreed to do it again and again, if only his daughter was well.
Since that time, he finished his career, forty-year-old athlete admits that he left all trouble behind us, and now happy, devoting their time to children and wife.
“I’m happy that took place, as a man, as a father, as a man” — says David.
In addition to daughter Harper, the Beckhams have three sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.
Despite the fact that David liked his calm life, he still misses soccer, which is grateful for all that he has.
“I miss football every day. I’m not sure if I have a sportsman or just an unquenchable passion for the game. I always think that I could take a step back, back on the field and play.. Maybe if I continued to live in America, it would be possible, but we’re in London. Here our children go to school, they love this country and I want to be near them” — has admitted Beckham.

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