Шарапова получает больше Лепса и Киркорова

Forbes thought, who is of Russian celebrities most of all earned over the past year.

Forbes magazine made an annual ranking of the richest stars of Russia. In the first place was tennis player Maria Sharapova, who over the past year managed to earn as much as $21.9 million

Doping scandal haven’t had time yet to impact on the revenues of the athletes, as caught her in the use of illegal drugs already in 2016, and the rating is calculated from the income of the previous year. I wonder what will take the place of the athlete in the next year given the fact that giants such as TAG Heuer, Porsche and American Express tore up with her advertising contracts.

On the second place of a rating there is Grigory Leps with $9 million in revenue over the past year. In fact, this line was to take the singer Sergei Shnurov, as it earned $11 million, but the creators of the rating pushed to third place because the reef is considered to be a more interesting figure for the media and the readers.

Fourth place went to Philip Kirkorov, adding to his income by $7.6 million And the top five hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, which is very surprising, since earnings of the hockey player higher than the earnings of all previous participants of the rating, in addition to Sharapova – $12.1 million, However, the employees of Forbes magazine somehow put it only on the fifth place.

Sixth place went to Natalia Vodianova earned for the year of $7 million, the seventh – Sergey Lazarev ($1.3 million), but settled on the eighth rookie Egor Krid. He, incidentally, earned more Lazarev – $3.6 million, but as a beginner, while senior forward missed.

In the ranking of Forbes appeared first boxer Sergey Kovalev (33-e a place, $2 million), which is currently considered the best Russian boxer, Kseniya Borodina (24th place, $0.8 million), Olga Buzova (32nd place, $0.8 million), Pelagia (42-e a place, $0.9 million) and racer of “Formula 1” Daniel Quat (47-e a place, $1 million), who plays in the team “Toro Rosso”.

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