Российская певица уличила в плагиате артистов из Бангладеш

Elvira T sues musician Imran Mahmud for plagiarism in her debut clip.

Five years ago, the young singer Elvira T shot their debut video for the song “All agreed”. Then partner Elvira at the shoot was actor Paul Priluchny. And in a short time, the clip has collected 27 million views on YouTube, and the song became one of the most popular hits of 2012.

And here lived so happy, the singer, wrote new songs, shooting a new clip, until two months ago came across on the Internet at painfully similar video. A musician from Bangladesh Imran Mahmud literally completely copied the debut video of the singer. And not only the idea, but even the gestures and details of clothing! Roller-plagiarism has already been seen by about 4 million users.

It’s a shame, Yes? However, Elvira foreign copies reacted calmly, noting that the modern Russian pop music offering high quality products, so it is no surprise that Asian artists are oriented toward it. Another thing is that the fact of plagiarism, of course, is not good.

“We put a lot of moral and material resources to this work, so sorry to know that other people are preying on this”, – admitted the singer.

First, the singer and her producers (Denis Sattarov and Irina sherbinskaya) did not plan to sue. However, the history of plagiarism have caused quite a stir among fans of Elvira, and now the producers are going to defend her rights.

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