Шэннен Доэрти надеется, что ей удалось победить рак
The actress is awaiting the decision of his fate.

Shannen Doherty

Photo: @theshando Instagram Shannen Doherty

As reported
the star of the show “Charmed” — Shannon
Doherty, she has completed all assigned courses of radio and chemotherapy. Now
the actor in 2015, doctors found the cancer, just have to wait
the test results and hope that she still managed to win their
a deadly disease.

“The last
day chemistry. I have completely ran out of power, I’m exhausted… But I finished
all courses, including radiation therapy. Now starts the waiting… I’m waiting for the results of “tests”: they
show, I was able to beat cancer or not. Wait… Those who suffer from cancer, I
understand. Those who suffer from this disease are always waiting and hoping. Of course, to
a certain point.” — posted by Shannon
in his microblog.

“When I
just started radiation therapy, I thought I couldn’t do it. I thought
run away on the first day. I was somehow very afraid: the machine hung need
me, moving around me, and its rays I have not seen…” — says the actress. However,
by the end of treatment, although she bore it very hard, she was so used to
x-ray, what even began to feel her appreciation and
gave her name as man — Maggie. “I met Maggie five days a week and
it seemed to go on forever. I loved and hated her
at the same time…” admitted Doherty. However, the actress is keen hopes that all the suffering she
in the past, and with “Maggie,” she would never see him again. We wish her to
not disappointed in their expectations.