Антон Гусев и Виктория Романец полностью разделись ради лайков The former participant “Houses-2” has shocked followers Frank the. Together with the choice they took part in a provocative photo shoot, which caused a mixed reaction among users of the Network. Most commentators did not expect that she will publish photos of this kind.

      Антон Гусев и Виктория Романец полностью разделись ради лайков

      Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet take part in many photo shoots. They are removed not only in kommercheskih purposes, but also for their own pleasure. And now the loving couple decided to surprise the subscribers controversial work. In the picture Victoria posted in the microblog, the girl lying on the table, and next to it is Anton, juicy body parts which are covered with pineapple.

      Victoria romanet boasted a new country house

      Romanet his whole appearance expresses pleasure from the process. Obviously, she had long wanted to try yourself in this way. Note that she quite often publish pictures, which successfully demonstrates a trim figure. However, this time she decided to dilute the previous work and starred together with Gusev. The man, it seems, the idea came to mind.

      Антон Гусев и Виктория Романец полностью разделись ради лайков

      In the comments under the intimate scenes Victoria decided to play a joke on the followers. “Who will offer more money for this photo, get it without the pineapple,” wrote romanet. But then he added that she was not going to do it, but only thanked the photographer for what she helped them to realize a longtime fantasy. I wonder which one piquant scenes star telestroke did not stop. After some time, she published another photo that caused a lively reaction of subscribers.

      For the second photo the girl wearing sports underwear, but Anton stood without clothes. Someone of the subscribers, this caused a negative reaction. Some began to accuse the pair of being too loose. Followers thought that these pictures could appear in any thematic publication, but not in social networks.

      Lovers have diluted the filming process fruits and used them during operation. It is unclear whether Anton himself to publish something on your page, because the results of the work of the photographer while showed only Victoria. In fact it is addressed to all disturbances of dissatisfied followers. It is obvious that she intended to get a reaction, especially because she often criticized for bold experiments. Anyway, many appreciated the efforts of the couple and said that there is nothing unnatural, they did not.

      “It’s hot, wow! Unexpected but I like a Bright photo shoot, bold and straight in the summer of give”, “that’s the photo shoot you had. Unreal boldly, cool!”, “It’s just the bomb, the idea is awesome, and you are so hot. Not everyone can so to act,” he praised lovers followers.