Улучшаем метаболизм: как приучить организм к борьбе за стройность “StarHit” gives several ways of influence on metabolism. It is sufficient to consider only a few important points that will instantly impact on your wellbeing and appearance.

    Улучшаем метаболизм: как приучить организм к борьбе за стройность

    Tell, what is metabolism, how it affects your weight and what you need to do to turn it into an ally in the struggle for harmony.

    Go to the bath

    However, come down as a sauna and Hammam, and any exotic variations of this pleasant procedure. The increased body temperature contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes. Besides in the bath, you sweat and with sweat out toxins and waste products, improves blood circulation, exfoliates dead skin cells. All together not only boosts metabolism, but it also makes the body more fit. If you combine the effects of a sauna with massage, the effect will appreciate even more.


    Улучшаем метаболизм: как приучить организм к борьбе за стройность

    In order to keep fit, you need not to starve, and there are – and quite often. 1-2 meals a day cause the body to save energy, especially if you lunch and dinner each time in a different time. The body is difficult to adapt to such an unpredictable mode, and it begins to store the calories. Try to eat at least 3-4 times a day and always at the same hour. Especially important is the Breakfast. In the morning, the metabolic rate high, but without makeup she is slowing sharply and remains so all day. Also for more efficient operation of exchange processes on lean protein foods. Following these rules will help speed up metabolism by 30%.


    Улучшаем метаболизм: как приучить организм к борьбе за стройность

    These refreshing drinks speed up metabolism by 10-15% and promote the breakdown of fats. However, it is important not to overreact. An excessive amount of caffeine might cause nervousness and anxiety, unpleasant changes in pressure and nausea. 2 cups coffee or 3 cups of tea – quite a sufficient number to achieve goals and not to harm the health.


    They need not only for a dazzling appearance. Many vitamins and minerals essential for metabolic processes. When they lack metabolism always will be somewhat slower, even if you stay in the gym. The main nutrients for a healthy metabolism – vitamin B6, calcium, chromium and iodine.


    If it is impossible to Wake up late, then at least go to bed early. For most people “sleep” means sleep 7-9 hours and nothing less. Anyone who sleeps plenty, metabolism on average 40-50%faster than the workaholics and those who like to watch you sleep a whole season of your favorite series. And even in sleep, the hormone leptin is the substance that is responsible for the feeling of satiety. People with lack of leptin regularly overeat.