VIDEO: fans figured out a new lover Larisa Guzeeva

ВИДЕО: поклонники вычислили нового возлюбленного Ларисы Гузеевой
The presenter attributed the affair with a famous actor.

After learning a few days ago that Larisa Guzeeva moved out from her husband Igor Bukharov to another apartment, fans of the TV presenter have carefully studied her blog and came to the conclusion that the main matchmaker of the country’s new novel. Netizens suggest that the actress began a romantic relationship with actor — Euclid Kyurdzidis.

Larisa Guzeeva and Euclid kyurdzidis

Photo: @_larisa_guzeeva_ Instagram Larisa Guzeeva

Guzeeva, judging by social media, over the past year, often spent time in the company of Euclid. Last summer she, along with Kurzidem and friends vacationing in Georgia. And recently, Larissa has published in the microblog joint video with the alleged lover, signing it: “With the beloved Euclid!”.

However, it is possible that fans of “miscalculated”. The fact that Larissa and Euclid are old friends and communicate for many years. Moreover, from Guzeeva were no hints on a new novel. But, she all ways made it clear that he suspects her husband of infidelity.

Recall that Larisa has shared the news that went with Buharov in different apartments in the show “let’s get married”. She is now with her daughter lives in the city center the apartment of his son — George.