Секс-скандал в престижной московской школе шокировал общественность Graduates of elite institutions for gifted children talked about what they had to endure. They argue that Director Sergei Bebchuk and his Deputy Nikolai Izyumov for 25 years was molested and raped their wards. The investigative Committee has started checking the information, which caused a huge resonance in the Internet.

      Секс-скандал в престижной московской школе шокировал общественность

      Today mass media spread shocking news in one online publication published an article on sexual violence in the Metropolitan school for gifted children, which is currently closed. Correspondents have spent own investigation and has talked to dozens of former students of the educational institution. They claim that the Director and the teacher of the Moscow “school League” strongly corrupted by their wards. This occurred for over two decades – from 1994 to 2015.

      Former pupils and school staff told reporters that there was repeatedly assaulted inmates, not only in campaigns but also in the territory of the educational institution. Many girls claim that Director Sergei Bebchuk allegedly partied with them in the bath, hugged, kissed. The same thing, as they say, did the head teacher Nikolai Izyumov.

      “I suffered all this for many years. Why am I talking about this in 20 years? I am 35, was 14 at the time… I moved to England and worked for six years as a teacher. And I now realize that for a teacher, person in position of authority, unacceptable sexual relations with students. I myself have a daughter. If I found out that the man whom I must trust, feeling up and t*** my 14-year-old daughter, I would wonder what to do with this man. I wish they never ruined years of his life,” says one of the first alumni in his video.
      Секс-скандал в престижной московской школе шокировал общественность

      Last year graduates of the school gathered the testimony of former students and went to meet with the Director to charge him. He denied everything. A correspondent was recording the conversation.

      “This is a wonderful literary history. I pleaded in no way realize. Not understand about what the broken destiny is about. With regard to the closure of the school, I’m just glad,” — said the Director of the school Sergei Bebchuk.
      Секс-скандал в престижной московской школе шокировал общественность

      The correspondent of the edition talked to the head teacher by Mykola Izyumova suspected sexual abuse of children. He claims that all the charges – revenge of former students. “It’s a psychological conversation. My wife and I know all these children. About each separately, you can talk. I saw the list of guilty cases… I was after them a little stroke is not enough”, – said the former Deputy Director of the school.

      According to men, some teenage girls are trying to solicit.

      “The one who accuses us, too… she Stole from another family of the husband. Then he cheated on her and left to another. Another sent me her erotic photo shoot, I still have it stored. The other tried to seduce me, wrote me letters! I was afraid of her. If I’m such a pedophile, why didn’t I use it? These are difficult times. Humans brains are clogged, people buy into any nonsense in the Internet,” Izyumov said.
      Секс-скандал в престижной московской школе шокировал общественность

      The controversial former head teacher of the school also called the whole incident “sad story.” Evidence that he allegedly had intercourse with one of my students at home, Izyumov considers madness. The man told the reporter, “Medusa”, that this simply could not be.

      Later, the Investigative Committee reported that they began checking on an article published in the Network. “From the message of one of the Internet publications, it follows that for a long time teaching staff, including the principal of the school, located in the South-West of Moscow, the students were taken to children’s camps, where he made concerning them actions of sexual character. According to the author of the article, infringement of sexual freedom and inviolability of children also occurred on the school grounds. Currently, the set of verification activities aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident”, – is written on the official website of the RF IC.

      Recall that in late August of last year, the Network appeared information about the fact that another famous Moscow school allegedly occurred cases of sexual violence. It was about an educational institution that is regularly included in rating the best in the capital. Then one of the students accused of pedophilia historian. Later there is evidence about other victims. In this regard, the man went from Russia to Israel, and his former colleagues began a series of events aimed at preserving the “face” of the institution.