Место Доктора Лизы может занять журналистка Ksenia Sokolova is considered as one of the main candidates for the position of the head of the charity Fund. Elizaveta Glinka died in a plane crash in late December. She flew to Syria with the help of the needy.

      Место Доктора Лизы может занять журналистка
      Место Доктора Лизы может занять журналистка

      In late December, over the Black sea, the plane crashed, the defense Ministry, which went on a charity mission to Syria. After takeoff, the aircraft fell into the water, killing 92 people. On Board were the Alexandrov ensemble, journalists, public figures, doctor Elizaveta Glinka. The son of the deceased Dr. Lisa: “I Love you, mom…”

      Dr. Lisa was the head of the Fund “Fair use”. Now one of the main contenders for the post of Director called a journalist Ksenia Sokolova, the former editor-in-chief of Esquire magazine and a former columnist of edition of GQ. The young woman took an active part in the activities of the organization. Once Elizaveta Glinka said about what Xenia can be a perfect replacement as head of the Fund. However, some of the entourage of a young woman suggest that if Sokolov and choose the head of the organization, it is only for a short time while they find a new candidate for permanent employment.

      Sokolov took seriously the news of the death of Elizabeth Glinka. It was hard to believe that such a brilliant person is no longer alive. She yearned for experience with Dr. Lisa. They had known each other for ten years. Ksenia says that initially they did not cause sympathies each other, but they have quite a bit of time to feel the mutual respect and tie a strong friendship.

      “Yesterday I came to visit a friend is upset and sad. Because I love her very much, I tried everything to comfort her: lit the fireplace, poured the brandy, we listened to nick cave and the “spleen”; my Norwich Terrier Asya sat all night on her knees, too, trying to give warmth to a person who is very cold – and not from wind and snow. But nothing helped – my friend sat and wept bitterly. I decided tomorrow is sure to take her outside the city to a nice restaurant for lunch, give her something warm and pleasant, like a shawl of white cashmere; even the thought that we should go with her to Europe, rent a car and travel to gawk at the beautiful and smiling… to accurately guess her desires, I said, “Honey, what do you like to do? How would you generally wanted to your life?” She said, “I just want everything to be like before the war…” My friend’s name is Dr. Lisa,” wrote Sokolov in the social network after he got the news of the tragedy.

      While the final decision on nazanine Sokolova Director of the Fund. According to the publication RBK, now comes the discussion of candidates for the post of Director of the charitable organization.