Никита Джигурда держит удар в борьбе за многомиллионное наследство The flamboyant artist is trying to fulfill the last wish of a businesswoman. Lyudmila Bratash died in February last year and left behind a fabulous sum of money. Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina those, went all the will that the relatives suspicious.

      Никита Джигурда держит удар в борьбе за многомиллионное наследство

      Since February last year, has been simmering scandal over wills one of the richest women of Russia Lyudmila Bratash. After the mysterious death of the woman its a legacy billionaire, according to one version, went to Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina those. However, sister businesswoman Svetlana Romanova for the first time in the program “Let them talk” personally informed that the will, which shows the flamboyant actor, a fake. The sister of the dead girlfriend Dzhigurda first publicly appealed for help

      Today in the Studio of Andrey Malakhov Nikita Dzhigurda decided to give a serious rebuff to all who do not believe his sincerity.

      Nephew Lyudmila Dmitry Bratash Romanov believes that Nikita Dzhigurda is exaggerating some facts. He said that the artist are not original wills, but only a copy. However, the lawyer Marina Anisina those claims that the original document is in a safe place.

      “No criminal case Marina and Nikita are not threatened, so the will was authentic. Svetlana Romanova and her lawyers misled. That must be one signature, as it is a healthy sane person,” said human rights activist Andrei Knyazev.
      Никита Джигурда держит удар в борьбе за многомиллионное наследство

      Experts began to argue that the official document was only one signature – the most Ludmila Bratash. “Two signatures are set when the man himself cannot sign it,” – said the lawyer.

      Sister Ludmila Bratash Svetlana Romanova again remembered that in his will, which was issued on the territory of the United States of America, specified domestic passport, and not overseas.

      Никита Джигурда держит удар в борьбе за многомиллионное наследство“The “black storyteller” took to itself the right to fool people,” – said Svetlana.

      The Studio came Nikita Dzhigurda and began to convince the whole Studio, he’s telling the truth.

      “I came to show the will. This will Cherniavsky made by a notary, a copy of the notary,” – said the artist.
      Никита Джигурда держит удар в борьбе за многомиллионное наследство

      He said that the three original statements Lyudmila Bratash stolen. The man also not happy that the lawyer Knyazev works a power of attorney drawn for his back, although the human rights activist Sergei Zhorin represents the interests of ex-wife Nikita Marina Anisina those.

      “I got it all when Lucy was killed. When the notary came and gave his will. The two witnesses are killed. All scared to death, five deaths around that will, check, it’s not my fault” – said the chair, and his speech was drowned in the roar of the voices of experts who wanted to Express their opinion.

      Andrey Malakhov was asked to show the provocative video. The chair admitted that he was the lover Bratash. The experts considered that such intercourse could be equated to rape, so they insist that it is possible to open a criminal case.

      Nikita admitted that the note Bratash asks to protect her from communicating with her sister. However, Andrey Malakhov emphasized that entrepreneurs wrote these words when he was in the hospital. The artist became actively protest, incessantly pacing the Studio and prove his innocence to the experts.

      The audience in the Studio remembered that in 2014, Nikita came to her sister, but Lyudmila was in the alcohol condition. The chair wanted the woman wrote the Paris apartment to him. However, the artist denies this fact and is ready to prove his innocence further.