Seventh wife of Maxim Dunaevsky forgive him his infidelity

Седьмая жена Максима Дунаевского прощает ему измены The composer came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Maxim Dunayevsky told the host how he managed to maintain friendly relations with ex-wives, and why he decided to get married on the seventh of the last wife Marina.
Седьмая жена Максима Дунаевского прощает ему измены

Maxim Dunaevsky is one of the most talented Russian composers. Despite a successful career, personal life, the Maestro had a lot of tragedies.

Dunaevsky was officially married seven times. According to him, many divorces it was the mistakes of youth. The composer believes that ex-lovers he could live the rest of your life.

“In my youth, the alleviation of relationship mistaken for love. But for these women it was not only the sex,” said Dunayevsky.
Седьмая жена Максима Дунаевского прощает ему измены

With ex-wives, the composer maintains good relations. The third wife of the famous Maitre actress Natalia Andreichenko proclaimed himself “President of ex-wives Maxim Dunaevsky”. From the Union with the actress at Maxim Isaakovich born son Mitya. However, Dunaevsky and wife parted soon after the birth of an heir. Natalia fell in love with another man and flew to France. Dunaevsky has long been separated from his son.

New husband and wife – a famous actor and producer Maximilian Schell helped to improve relations between the former spouses. “He said that he didn’t understand our Russian war and improved relations with Natasha and her parents,” said Dunayevsky.

Also the composer is the illegitimate daughter Alina from the translator Nina Spada. Dunaevsky a few years met a woman however the relationship did not turn into a formal marriage. Soon the ex-girlfriend of the master flew abroad with his daughter. Alina was adopted by another man, Maxim Isaakovich tried to establish a relationship with the heiress. Soon, however, realized that the girl need only legacy of his famous father.

The last wife of the composer was Marina Christmas. Mater older than his wife for 28 years.

“Marina is a very strong nature. And perhaps she said to herself: “I keep him locked down, he be with me all my life,” said Dunayevsky.

In the seventh marriage the composer was born the heir to the Pauline Maxim Isaakovich gave her name the first daughter Marina, the girl calls Dunaevsky father. Dunaevsky and Christmas together for almost twenty years, and recently married my beloved. As admitted by the composer, Marina prefers to keep a close eye on his fleeting Affairs with other women. “She knows how to forgive and dismiss,” said Dunayevsky.