Serious illness brought Tatiana Lazarus to disability

Тяжелая болезнь привела Татьяну Лазареву к инвалидности
TV star refuses to undergo a “humiliating” procedure.

Tatyana Lazareva

Photo: Social networks

Not so long ago, Tatyana Lazareva has decided to tell fans that for many years suffering from a serious illness — ulcerative colitis. The disease is incurable, and the drugs can only temporarily improve the state of the presenter. As it turned out, five years ago the doctors told Tatiana to apply for disability, as in this case it could count on benefits when you purchase expensive medications.

“In 2013, he said that this disease is not treated and that I can apply for disability and I laughed and thought, “Well, what is a disability”. Then just have complications with Parking, and I said like a joke, then what will be able to Park in the handicapped spots. And just now I began to understand what is actually a serious illness — and how problematic the entire history of the disabilities in our country!” — said Tatiana.

The fact that the disabled have to prove their right to benefits every year. Lazarus cannot do it for medical reasons after the start of medication symptoms ulcerative colitis temporarily ceased. Therefore disability Tatyana confirm a year can not, and in two (without the necessary expensive drugs), he will again make themselves felt in full measure.

“The disease is chronic, it returns as soon as you stop taking the drugs. It is a vicious circle. Drugs cost a fortune, I they are still expensive, but I would receive them at a discounted price. Disability I have not made because I know how humiliating that is in our country. My father — the invalid of the great Patriotic war, blind and without a right hand. He confirmed the disabilities annually. Imagine, a man 84 years old, seven years old his arm torn off, it will not grow, but all these years he had to come and confirm it. I was stopped, and while I can buy the medication myself, I decided not to apply for disability…” — said Tatiana Wonderzine.

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