Prigogine’s daughter asks Valerie how to lose weight

Дочь Пригожина спрашивает Валерию, как похудеть Aspiring business lady came to the Studio of the program “the Stars aligned” to meet up with my sister long time no see. Danae Prigogine also spoke about how today develop her relationship with her father.
Дочь Пригожина спрашивает Валерию, как похудеть

A few years ago, Danae Prigogine almost fought with his father, renowned producer Joseph Prigogine. Recently, however, Danae was able to reconnect with a close relative and his current family.

Relatively recently ago, the heiress Prigogine opened an online clothing store where you can pick up clothes not only for slim women, but for ladies with curvaceous. The daughter of Joseph Prigogine founded the business project

Previously, Danae was ashamed of her figure, but this time she has greatly enjoyed taking part in photo shoots for their online store. The girl kept steadily in front of cameras, she knows how to apply themselves. According to Prigogine, the shop brings her a good income: more than 100 thousand per month, so this is not dependent on the father.

Дочь Пригожина спрашивает Валерию, как похудеть“I’m not going to ask the Pope to advertise my store. If he will turn to me with a similar proposal, I am against I will not,” – for a business woman it is important to recognize its independence.

In recognition of Danae, she often communicates with Valeria than with the Pope: they discuss together the issues of weight loss, because recently, in recognition of the girls, she moved to proper nutrition. In addition, Prigogine is a makeup artist and hairdresser. One of her clients at the time was Dana Borisova: this will come home to Borisova and restored her beauty. Also the successor of the producer admitted that its services are relatively cheap: no more than three thousand rubles. Here Prigogine and Valeria are not yet painted, the singer have their own makeup artists. At this time, Danae travels frequently to visit his father, he even stays overnight. Prigogine with a smile said that now she is okay with dad.

“There were times when I realized that the blame is me. So now I try not to argue with the father and not to ask him once again about help,” Danae admitted.
Дочь Пригожина спрашивает Валерию, как похудеть

While this alone in personal life, she was in a relationship with a guy that has not received its continuation. A surprise for Prigoginei was meeting in the Studio with the sister, Elizabeth, which is 12 years old and lives in Switzerland. Due to the fact that the sisters live far from each other, they were not able to communicate closer. Leading Oskar Kuchera noted that girls are very similar. Lisa maintains the relationship with the father and with his family. Mostly it deals with the son of Valeria, Artemije, who has also for a long time living in Switzerland.

“I don’t really like asking for help, but I can. Father supports me financially but I don’t abuse it,” – said Elizabeth.

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