Сергей Зверев готов представлять Россию на «Евровидении-2017″

As you know, the song contest “Eurovision-2017 hosts Ukraine. The country has already started preparations for this event and at this point decides which city will organize the competition. While Ukraine is busy with their own problems, other countries are determined who would represent the Euro. Activists in the Network, immediately after the defeat of Sergey Lazarev proposed to submit the group “Leningrad” and their leader Sergei Shnurov. Today it became known that in Russia there’s at least one star, ready to defend the honor of the country is Sergey Zverev.

According to the actor, his image is perfect for the participation in “Eurovision”. The only thing that confuses the “king of glamour” — this age. According to Zvereva, if he will go to the competition, then certainly win, and thus will obstruct a road to stardom for young and promising artists.

“This contest of young singers. What makes sense to me to take part in “Eurovision”, when everyone knows that I’m there to win? — said the “star in shock” at a press conference in the framework of “Slavonic Bazaar” in Vitebsk. — I then there is no incentive. If I go, I will do all. I sensation, just so you know”.

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