Мать-одиночка требует от певца Шуры признать отцовство

Singer Alex more than once in various interviews talking about how much dreams of becoming a family man, particularly the artist wanted to experience the joy of fatherhood. But on the way, Alexander Medvedev (real name Shura) is not found a woman he could go on such a responsible step and start a family.

However, if you want the opportunity to educate children at a Shura is. Become a guest musical entertainment #Zvezdoy Medvedev admitted that some he had seen the woman who says that raising his children.

She behaves quite actively and even require the musician to acknowledge and participate in the lives of children.

Alex told me that the children, seeing him on different talk shows, call his dad, the single mother is confident that her offspring the fruit of love with the singer.

Note that in our time to establish the fact whether the Shura dad and children, is not difficult. But if in a few years the singer has still not decided on a DNA test, maybe the relationship with the unknown he still was…and children have a direct relation?


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