Сергей Зверев попал в неприятную историю в Париже

PE with a star in constant shock, occurred while walking around the city.

It’s not every day you meet in a public place of the famous showman in a negligee. Visitors, however, one of the capital’s parks are such a happy opportunity had. Sergei Zverev was seated on one of the benches in your boxer shorts, while his fashionable jeans hung around, had dried. As it turned out, the bizarre outfit stylist owe the birds.

“In the Park, as always I scored bird! But it is said that large a heap of big money! Dry pants…”, signed by the presenter of the video, which depicted in his underpants.

While the pants were hanging in the summer sun, Sergei led the stream in the Periscope, in which he told his fans that he is a longtime goal of birds. “Somehow I was spoiled in Paris – says Zverev. – I stood near the monument, and they are shat in unison. But they rightly say that it was for the money. Shortly after the incident, I bought an apartment”.

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Video posted by SERGEY ZVEREV (@zverevsuperstar) Jun 20 2016 at 8:46 PDT

Subscribers Sergei his “revelations” appreciated, “I Love it”, “How clever! The above is laughing, lol! More such simple people!’ “Sense of humor necessary”, “Zverev is so cool! Positive You for the whole day is guaranteed.”

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