Скандал: все 300 миллионов певца Принца достанутся «зэку»!
DNA tests proved that convicted criminal — the son of pop idol.

singer Prince

Photo: Splash News/East news

The case of
the legacy of the singer Prince has taken a completely unexpected turn. After
conducted a forensic paternity test, it was found that a
Patrick cousins is the illegitimate son of the singer!

After the death of
pop idol at the end of April this year from overdoses of opioid painkillers
the drug was believed that the only heir of a 300 million inheritance
singer — his sister Taika Nelson. However, soon began to appear and other applicants.
More than a dozen citizens stated that they are supposedly blood
relatives of the singer — who is a child, who is half-bratoi or sister…
the fact that “the heirs” insisted on their rights, the court decided to grant
all of them the opportunity to go through the test to identify paternity. It was
because forensic scientists had the foresight to save the blood samples
singer before his cremation…

That Patrick cousins
really will be the son of a Prince, did not expect almost none. Too scandalous
figure he seemed, systematically breaking the law from his youth. In the 25 years he was tried for transporting cocaine, in the 27 for heroin. Later, Patrick was back in jail for stealing a car and for illegal possession of weapons. He has priors for domestic violence
in relation to your girlfriend. And now he’s back behind bars for the incident
with the use of firearms.

The only person who believed that
The cousins — the son of a Prince, was a lawyer of the late pop idol Carlene Williams. He stated that,
it turns out that the cousins came into contact with pop idol is still a few months before
his death. And after that contact wrote on his page in the social
network: “Prince my father!” It turns out that the Prince believed him!

As told by the cousins, his mom Marcia Hanson with the famous singer was a short novel in 1976, but she’s blowing it son, who the father is, only last year. She
was advised by Patrick to seek help from a lawyer Carlin Williams…

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