Ksenia Bezuglova started a Foundation “everything is Possible”

Ксения Безуглова основала фонд «Возможно все»

To help those in need not only moral but material support has become easier. Ksenia Bezuglova, miss world 2013 among girls in wheelchairs, started his own charitable Foundation that you can trust.

In honor of the opening of the Foundation “everything is Possible” in the “Chocolate loft at the “Red October” held a party with the participation of Russian stars, who supported the initiative of Xenia Bezuglova. To congratulate the organizer of the Fund in good venture profit Alexander Lyubimov, Ilona Bronevitskaya, Anastasia Potanina, Egor Kozlovsky, Arina Danilova Ksenia Avakyan and many others, and host of the evening was the inimitable Sati Casanova.

Note that the emblem of the Foundation was chosen as the parasol – symbol of protection from any weather in life. At some point the canopy of twisted guests of the bulbs lit up with bright light that marked the beginning of the work of the charitable organization.

“I believe there’s nothing impossible and all boundaries exist only in our minds. I sincerely wish you to overcome any physical and psychological difficulties, and feel like a person with infinite possibilities,” – said Ksenia Bezuglova in his speech.

The entertainment part of the event was a success: first, the audience was amused sparkling jokes Comedy Radio broadcaster Leonid Margolin, and then guests addressed the finalists of the Sochi contest “Usadba Jazz” group Universal Music Band, singer Yulia Bulavko and DJ LosD.

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