Сергей Зверев пожаловался на больные ноги “King of glamour” told about the incident, which occurred while on vacation. Due to health problems Sergey Zverev decided to go on holiday and got a burning permit. However, the long-awaited trip was a real test for the showman.
Сергей Зверев пожаловался на больные ноги

53-year-old stylist and showman Sergey Zverev spoke about the case of life. Once he decided to treat his long-awaited vacation. “King of glamour” always worked, so began to experience health problems. Friends persuaded Sergei to go on a trip, and he bought a burning permit. However, the company lied to Zvereva. As a result, his vacation was ruined. So a celebrity encourages to carefully choose the tour operators.

“I worked a lot in the end, I have nerves of steel to Derwent and to refuse his feet. (…) At the last minute I was sent to sea. I’m already on the plane realized what was happening something. Tourists who were flying with me, and talked only about sex. I was surprised: “I Wonder what kind of company goes with me?”. On arrival we were greeted and they were immediately delivered. Couple hours later when we all went to bed, it turned out that last minute got to the real sex tour,” recalls the man.
Сергей Зверев пожаловался на больные ноги

According to Sergei, the neighbors are so actively rested that would not let him sleep. Noise and loud sounds turned the holiday star into a nightmare. “I have the walls all night Jumpin’, and the chandelier, I thought, will simply collapse. Particularly oral man on top,” said the showman.

As soon as morning came, the beast turned to the receptionist with a request to influence the situation. Rowdy guests turned alive in hell. He couldn’t relax and spent the whole night without sleep.

Сергей Зверев пожаловался на больные ноги“As I reached the morning, God knows. I was a prisoner of the sex tourists! Came to the receptionist and say, “I need to change the room. I’m afraid that I will collapse the walls. I’m not ready every night to listen to such cries!” – said Sergey.

Fortunately for celebrities, the hotel management went to meet him. As a result, man moved to another hotel, where in addition to Sergey nobody. After everything Zverev was very happy to finally be in silence. The neighbors showman appeared only on the third day. “In a wheelchair took some kind of millionaire. It turned out that her one hundred and two years. So we rested: me, her and the servants,” said the designer.

During the conversation with journalists Sergey also noted that shortly before leaving he had a bad dream. But then the man did not pay attention to the foreshadowing, as later regretted, writes Woman’s Style.