Джей Зи заговорил о разводе с Бейонсе Recently, the producer and rapper has unveiled a new album called “4:44”. Critics believe that the long-awaited release became the most blatant in my career Jay-Z. The man decided to touch on a very difficult topic for him and told about the problems in the family.

Jay Z and Beyonce is one of the most beautiful couples in the Western show business. The couple have been together for over nine years and are the parents of many children. Recently the Queen of R & B gave her husband a charming twins – according to the media, kids called Rumi and Sir.

Media reported about the birth of Beyonce

However, in the tabloids periodically there are rumors that Beyonce and Jay-Z had a falling out and are on the verge of breaking up. Oil poured into the fire, provocative songs from the album Lemonade artist presented last year. Fans wondered, do celebrities really have gotten out of touch? Recently Jay-Z confirmed the rumors about marital problems, but made clear that they were in the past. The rapper presented the album “4:44”, recognized the most outspoken in his work. In a campaign release the man recorded a 11-minute video, which spoke about the problems in the family. In recognition of Jay Z, Beyonce and they were on the verge of divorce.

“This is my real life. And one day I found this wonderful place. Here was built a large and beautiful house of our relations. But he wasn’t 100% built on truth, so cracked. Some things are impossible to hide, and sees the public,” said the producer.

Jay-Z admitted that he had asked her to give him a second chance and not leave him. Yielding to the entreaties, Beyonce decided to go to meet my husband. The period of recovery a relationship was a difficult challenge for celebrities. “Then we had to say to myself: “Okay, it’s time to end this. We need to start with a clean slate.” That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” said the rapper.

Note that the Central track of the new album by Jay-Z was the track “4:44”. In it a man for the first time talks about how the birth of twins changed his life. According to the rapper, he wrote this song relating to the topic of adultery in a burst of inspiration. Fans think that the way Jay-Z confessed to infidelity Beyonce.

“Forgive me, I was particularly interested in, and only the birth of my child made me see the world through the eyes of women, just after the birth of the twins I believe in miracles. (…) And if you would know my children, I don’t know what I would do,” reports the husband of the famous actress.

We also add that in the recently released album by Jay-Z and shared poignant stories. The man spoke about sexual orientation to his mother and told about the role of black women in this world, a split among African-Americans and their relationship with Kanye West.