Son Jasmine can’t deal with prison time Ilan Shor

Сын Жасмин не может смириться с тюремным сроком Илана Шора The singer told how her children had received the verdict of the spouse. According to Jasmine, her elder heir to Michael Semenduev genuinely worried about the fate of Ilan Shor. Recently a young man visited the businessman in between exams.
Сын Жасмин не может смириться с тюремным сроком Илана Шора

In late June, the wife of the singer Jasmine, businessman Ilan Shor, was sentenced to 7.5 years of imprisonment in the place of serving closed. The decision of the court of Chisinau became a difficult ordeal for the family of the singer, but her loved ones do not plan to give up. They are determined to seek a review announced of the verdict.

Jasmine about prison time wife: “I’m worried about his health”

In a recent interview with the Jasmine openly talked about how her children reacted to a prison term of Ilan Shor. According to celebrity, the adorable Margaret and Myron still don’t understand what’s going on, but the eldest son – 19-year-old Michael Semenduev – genuinely worried about the man. The young man and the husband of the star easily found a common language.

“Kids, of course, do not know. But my oldest son Mike feels strongly for his case against Ilana was a great stress because he is very fond of him. A million questions, a million answers. Even went to it the other day. Wanted to make sure that everything about him is good. Mike gave a session at the end of June, he had no time to Moldova to get out. But still escaped between the exams, could not resist, wanted to see how Ilan feels. Well done, it pleases me so adult and human actions. They are Ilan and I are great friends”, – said the artist.
Сын Жасмин не может смириться с тюремным сроком Илана Шора

Currently, Michael is receiving education at MGIMO. The specialty of the young man – “International economic relations”. According to Jasmine, her heir graduated from the second course, and he likes to study at University. During the conversation with reporters, the singer said that the time passed very quickly.

“When we are with my son, everyone thinks it’s my brother. Sometimes I ask him: “Misha, wait. Don’t be so quick to grow up. I beg you!”, – shared the star.

The singer also admitted that he misses the time when Michael was still a child.

Father the eldest son of the star – Vyacheslav Semenduev – also participates in the education of boys. According to Jasmine, her ex-husband, began to communicate for the sake of an heir. The artist believes that her ex-husband is quite a strict father.

Quite a different attitude to the children of Ilan Shor: current choice of the singer, on the contrary, believes that the younger generation need to be pampered. “He said, “Give me children to behave like you want my soul.” So I’m raising children”, – quotes the singer the edition “TV Program”.