Sergey Shnurov spoke about children

Сергей Шнуров заговорил о детях The infamous musician of group “Leningrad”, said in his microblog that children are much better than animals. His fans decided that the soloist team and his wife are going in the near future to have a baby.

      Сергей Шнуров заговорил о детях

      The leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov gradually think about the children. This he indirectly told his fans on the microblogging, put up a picture with a kitten.

      “If you began to fall the number of “likes” in Instagram, then it’s time to get a dog or a cat. For a while they will be able to raise the ranking of your page. But it will pass. The puppy or kitten grows up and his “minimisethe” will decrease, and as a result, again, will decrease the number of “likes” under your photo. Then you need to get the last trump. Children. To have a lot of them at once is impossible, will scare away subscribers. Start with one and gradually increasing their number. Children “laykayut” almost as readily as Pets, even a little better. When you stop liking your kids, try again to have Pets, and then grandchildren arrive,” he wrote on his page in the social network of Cords.

      Subscribers reacted to this post. “Cord here mimicry more than the cat. So, for the likes need to get a Cord”, “pet probe of the child, “Sergei, you are cool, in the sense that it is never too late to leave a mark of their sincerity!”, “We are waiting for photos of your children”, – such comments have been left for the musician fans of his work.

      Сергей Шнуров заговорил о детях

      The musician has children from first two marriages: 23-year-old daughter Seraphim and 16-year-old son, Apollo. However their pictures will not meet on the page Shnurov. The star father rarely communicates with his heirs. His daughter, a student of philological faculty of St. Petersburg state University already remarried. Her lover was a bartender one of the institutions of the Northern capital. According to the girl, she communicates with her father, but very rarely.

      The daughter of Sergei Shnurov became a married lady

      We will remind that since 2010 Sergey Shnurov is in a relationship with her Brain. His wife have to put up with that husband, the musician constantly surrounded by glamorous girls on the stage. Gradually Mathilde even learned not to be jealous of the leader of group “Leningrad” to other ladies. Sometimes, however, it checks who he is talking to her husband. “Wife from time to time use the phone. Controls under the guise that the videos and photos are going straight, but I do not mind. “Male” my essence is in need of supervision”, – once told his fans Cords.

      Matilda and Sergei with a different view of life. The couple love to dress well. “We with Sergey indifferent to money – perhaps that is why they have always been. But we are very excited by what money can buy. This person buys everything he likes – at least three pairs of identical shoes. Then without looking pulls out something from the closet, wearing – and he’s a style icon”, – told about the preferences of the husband of Matilda.

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