Jan Tsapnik: “If no family, nothing to live for?”

Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» In an interview with “StarHit” the actor said about people who give him the strength to live.

      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?»

      Well-known actor Jan Tsapnik, familiar to viewers of the film “Bitter,” “Ghost,” “Christmas Tree shaggy” starred in the new Comedy series “Pushkin” the premiere will take place already today on telekinetically STS. In an interview with “StarHit” however talked about your character, work in theater and film, and also about beloved family.

      Tell us about your character in the TV series “Pushkin”?
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» This man is absolutely not in the art world that works in the law enforcement system. At first he refers to the filming, as nonsense, or behavior which is unworthy of a real man. But, in the end, something happens, he becomes a fan of filming himself trying to rent a movie on the camera. There is a kind of catharsis – of this impenetrable man he becomes softer and more humane. And Pushkin with his team he has good relations. —
      I hope that the series will be a success?
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» And no one knows. Even if you call a well-known astrologer Pavel Globa, he is unlikely to tell you how it is. —
      You have STS the last time a particular friendship, you’ve starred in the series “permanent vacation”.
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» Yes, it ends. And this is the only project where there is no seamy side, all light and airy, and the script is one of the few projects where I 95% told through text , because it’s written very smartly. —
      Are you satisfied with your acting work in the films “Kiss” and “Kiss 2”? In the second part you do become one of the Central characters.
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» The first “Kiss” me as a closer was. After the read-through, I said some things I did not like the second scenario because the first part was about the family – for the family you can be anyone and be ready for anything. In the second part of my character, strange conflict, and I don’t quite understand why it needed to be done. But I said simply: “that’s right and let everyone do their job”, and since I fully believe jort Krizovnicka (Andrey Pershin), then we started in their own business. —
      Egor Koreshkov admitted to our edition that so far will not continue.
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» Nothing impossible in our life. If so, I’d love to go to work, because when we two years in a row around the same time was filmed in Gelendzhik, in the third year, when we didn’t go all called up and felt like abandoned orphans. All have become so accustomed and connected among themselves that, except again to go in April-may to Noumea, we did not imagine.—
      How often do you refuse a role?
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» Happen. Now more because sometimes quite indigestible offers. And when there is an interesting scenario and have something to do with the character, and a good Director, and a friendly team, you should agree no matter how many paid for it. And when something strange where do not what to redo and do a whole rewrite is necessary, it is better to leave on the shore.—
      You are 47 years old and look 30. What is the secret?
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» Good family. What else is needed? Family dictates certain conditions and way of life, without family we will be and once to use, and it is unclear what to do. And the family somehow holding back. This is the place where you want to return. And when you have no family, why live, why work?
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?»
      In interviews you often say that you liked to drink in his youth…
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» We are all susceptible to some temptations. I could afford to drink too much, a long time ago, and when married and the child was born, how? Sometimes you want, but you know that if you do that, you will go to shooting as you get home, as you will be watching the child? And it all faded into the background. —
      It turns out, is a strange situation – your wife is an orientalist, and met you at the seminar gynecologists in BDT…
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» All lies. Journalists got it wrong in an interview . We in the theatre once the show was bought by the organizers of the Symposium Japanese gynecologists. After work they went to see the play, but Galina has nothing to do with it. After the show, me and a buddy Igor Lifanova went to a nightclub. And there came a Jackdaw with his girlfriend. A friend of a friend played this day in the club. As well as at the Banquet gynecologists were the Japanese and Japanese women , I at first thought that the Gal Japanese woman, because she looks Oriental, she was a Kalmyk. I tried to explain to her in broken English, despite the fact that her English is good, besides it is orientalist – Chinese language, Beijing dialect. Three hours later, it turned out that she has a rare Japanese name Galya. We laughed about it and two months later were married. —
      So she teased you?
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» Not at all. During the conversation she learned that I work in the BDT, the actor, was asking me about the theater. I remember thinking how smart the Japanese, know about BDT. I thought she was Japanese, and since I spoke English, she answered in English, picked up the game. Pretty fun the meeting was. —
      The presentation of the series “Pushkin” has come and your daughter Lisa, as far as I know, you have a very reverent attitude, and she’s going to become an actress.
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» With my daughter we are all well, although sometimes you have to use all sorts of strong language at home, and it is not connected with its teen age! For example, today at 4 am could not resist looking at it, as she sits at the lessons and said: “Why do we need good student posthumously? We need a healthy daughter.” The child, apparently, wants to connect his life with acting, so we go to the drama Studio to a wonderful teacher and actor Sergey Byzgu. She mounts well, she once suggested: “Maybe the Director will be?” While we laugh, the main thing to read, was healthy, gaining knowledge and lived in the pleasure.
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?»
      The theme of the second child slips in your statements…
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» She always remains open, while we are alive, but simply have no time. I came for three days now, and then again to Moscow for the shooting. —
      Why, then, does not move to Moscow?
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» Even thought I never did. What’s the point? If we lived in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, still would be worth thinking about to get a little closer to the center to be. And here on “Sapsan” in the morning I sat and at 11 you’re already in Moscow on the set. In St. Petersburg a good place to live and work in Moscow. Personally it’s hard for me without Peter, because I have a 1989 live here, though, and felt themselves to be workers first, and then so used and loved the canals, wells, embankments, streets, bridges.—
      In your biography there is a curious episode – you worked as a cook. And now I can surprise with something in the kitchen?
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» I was a chef-confectioner of the third category and even a couple of months work in Chelyabinsk in the dining room at a garment factory deaf. Someone on the draw went, someone somewhere else, and I went to where the girls and more of something I liked. Passed on the third rank and the practice was held there for distribution. In my experience, no matter what there is something, important not have what does not fit. It depends on who in the family likes what, who, and what is possible, who can not, depends on my mood. Yesterday spaghetti made with all sorts of sauces, red onions, with cheese, in General, were invented. —
      Can I say that you have now a second youth?
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» I feel that we can do what we did twenty year old youth, but is meaningful: somewhere to climb, to go home for the night. Don’t know, probably not a second youth, and the youth continued, she became more conscious. Life is a ladder. And every second of every day either climbing up or slipping down.
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?»
      You also graduated from LGITMiK, studied with famous people…
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» Yes, our course is Dima Nagiyev, Igor Lifanov, Alexei Klimushkin, Max Sergeev, Samvel Muzhikyan… Now I do not remember all. Pretty funny and fun year we had, and drank, and walked, but the skill went, because a good teacher was Vladimir Petrov. We have always been either good skits, or some mess or talented performances.—
      What do you think your career in the BDT them. BDT managed?
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» I played there for five main roles, I had six reprimands in the theater. Were young and misbehaved, although only after hours. At work we were like glass, and then it’s hard to play drunk in the play, especially if you have a major role. In the BDT took Tanya Aptikeeva, Lifanov, Igor and me, and at once gave the main role. Often Kirill Yuryevich Lavrov has called us to conversation, what we were doing. But experience in the BDT for me it is always the best acting school.
      They say, at one time you clashed with by Eldar Ryazanov.
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» It is a luminary, a genius, a mentor. After working with him, I was touched with greatness. We had a small conflict in one of the pictures – there get pad the schedule, he hurt me and the whole year we talked, but we made it on “Mosfilm”. This is a man who has managed to make so many wonderful and iconic paintings – one is not in force, every Director has a good picture, there is not a very good picture, there is frankly no. But as Ryazanov and Herman each hit in the top ten. I am glad and proud that I was able to work with him.—
      What movies with your participation can we expect in 2016?
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» A lot of that out, I wasn’t even looking. And wasn’t even at the premieres. I don’t remember the names, not because I’m an idiot, but because they change every time. Now Serezha Svetlakov called and talked about the film, where we co-starred with Roma Mardanovym. The picture was called “May”, later became known as “the Groom”. When it will come out as will be called – I don’t know, but it’s full meter. —
      And in 2017 scheduled films are “Ice” and “Mate.”
      Ян Цапник: «Если нет семьи, для чего жить?» “Ice” – a few days start shooting, I’ll be the coach to play. Pretty funny picture, strange genre – like a musical, sort of not. I don’t even know, there is already started to shoot, something changed. A “Companion” movie, where we with Sergey Garmash starred, Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka, Lizochka Arzamasova. There are very good artists are busy, but a lot of computer. There’s even one of the characters completely computer.

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