Sergey Shnurov received as a gift from my wife a car for 6 million

Сергей Шнуров получил в подарок от жены авто за 6 миллионов
Matilda’s husband bought the car instead of the cars that was burned in the early spring.

Сергей Шнуров получил в подарок от жены авто за 6 миллионов

Sergey and Matilda Shnurova

Photo: “7 Days”

On 13 April, the leader of the group “Leningrad” has celebrated the 43rd day
birth. Holiday Sergey Shnurov began in the city of Cherepovets, where the musician
yesterday was the concert. Naturally, in this day addressed to Sergei sounded
thousands of good words, and the participants of the “Leningrad” was presented to his boss chic

Сергей Шнуров получил в подарок от жены авто за 6 миллионов

Cake for Sergei from the group

Photo: @shnurovs (Instagram Sergey Shnurov)

Home birthday fell late in the evening, and here it is
was waiting for the most expensive — in the truest sense of the word —a gift. His wife Mathilde met
beloved husband of the entrance of the house, with flowers and driving his new car. “With
happy birthday, my wild man!” such
congratulations to Matilda Sergei. Famous restaurateur gave to her husband
red retro car: Chevrolet Bel Air 1955. The price of this machine
starts from six million rubles.

New car Cord and Matilda

After the obligatory test drive of the couple went home to celebrate
birthday: already with guests.

By the way, recently Sergey Shnurov unexpectedly for the fans
I shared in his micro blog details of his personal life.
The musician spoke about his relationship with his wife Mathilde.

So, the AC believes that beloved is not worth anything to hide.
For example, his phone is not password protected, which is actively used by the wife. “Wife
from time to time use the phone, — says Sergey. — Under control
the fact that videos and pictures throws it, well, I don’t mind.
“Male” the essence my need supervision. This morning, taking in
up the phone, I suddenly found that such a touching screensaver, this sweet
a photo of our cat Vasya. Yes, women certainly make the world if not
better, just prettier”.

It is worth noting that musician — a very secretive man. It
doesn’t like to talk about your family, Hobbies, personal life and other things. So
the revelation of the Cord fans pleased and excited. “How lovely! Very cute!
you wonderful relationship!” — admired subscribers rocker.

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