Ex-husband Rose Sabitova helped her after the divorce

Экс-супруг Розы Сябитовой помогал ей после развода Despite the fact that family life Sabitova the Roses and her lover Yuri Andreyev was accompanied by a loud showdown, the man found the strength to support the star.

      Экс-супруг Розы Сябитовой помогал ей после развода

      Many will remember bright, but not entirely successful marriage of the Roses Sabitova with participant of the program “let’s get married!” Yuri Andreev. Around these relations were various rumors, including the most incredible. It was rumored that the couple broke up enemies and refused to communicate with each other. Only now, when all the dust settled, Yuri decided to admit as really evolved his relationship with his ex-wife after divorce.

      Interestingly, Andreev fondly remembers the days when rose was his legal wife. He acknowledges that leading is an excellent host. Despite the fact that relations with Sabitova left much to be desired, the man found the strength to support her and after the divorce.

      “It’s past my life – beautiful in its time was a woman, mistress. May God grant her good health. But all that’s history. Fortunately, now I have everything in order. I left her the business, your part, and have no regrets. After the divorce helped in cases that didn’t collapse until the end. We had regular human interaction. Now stopped completely. However, when my daughter was getting married and sent her an SMS”, – said Yuri.

      Recall that marriage is the leading “let’s get married!” and the guest of the program was dissolved in 2011. Since then the heart of the main matchmaker of the country fought many suitors, however, the proposal of marriage she neither of whom was not accepted. Meanwhile, Andreev does not exclude that someday the star of the ether again acquires the status of his beloved wife.

      “One time me and Maria Arbatova made a bet as to whether we Rose together or not. She was sure that no, they say, all go, we have such a tendency, and we will not be the exception. I told her, “let’s look at this relationship in fifteen years!” Wait a little bit more than ten years! Who knows what will happen. Let’s see,” said the ex-husband of Rose Sabitova in an interview with “Prozvezd”.

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