Сергей Шнуров стал ведущим шоу о котах на Первом канале The musician will go on a visit to the most popular animals of the country. This fall starts a new project, the protagonists of which will be Pets. As reported a source in Ostankino, the leading role was entrusted to Sergey Shnurova.

Today it became known that in the upcoming television season for the First channel will be a number of new shows. One of them is called “Main kitty of the country.” As reported by “StarHit” sources in the Ostankino, the leading program will be the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov. With him were long negotiations, but in the end both sides were able to reach consensus. The first issue, viewers will see this Sunday. As it became known, the musician will follow the most popular animals on the Internet, and then visit to the owners to show their Pets all over the country.

Some time ago Sergey Shnurov wrote in the microblog about what Pets delight the users of the Network. Apparently, these words were prophetic, and now it will monitor the reaction to the videos and pictures involving kittens.

“If you began to fall the number of “likes” in Instagram, then it’s time to get a dog or a cat. For a while they will be able to raise the ranking of your page. But it will pass. The puppy or kitten grows up and his “minimisethe” will decrease, and as a result, again, will decrease the number of “likes” under your photo. Then you need to get the last card. Children. A lot to have them at once is impossible, will scare away subscribers. Start with one and gradually increasing their number. Children “like” almost as readily as Pets, even a little better. When you stop liking your kids, try again to have Pets, and then grandchildren arrive” – he wrote on his page in the social network of Cords.

Sergey Shnurov has already appeared in the First channel as host of a show “About love”. His colleague was of Sofiko Shevardnadze. The musician enjoyed discussing the problems of relations between men and women.

Also last year, the artist participated in the creation of musical accompaniment for children’s transfer “good morning, kids!” Fans were in awe of the fact that the leader of group “Leningrad” is not afraid of experimenting and trying different projects.