Поклонники не могут поверить в смерть звезды фильма «Не бойся, я с тобой!» The famous circus performer and stuntman Did Kantemirov died Wednesday at 84-the m to year of life. It is known that man a long time struggled with a serious illness. Users of social networking I offer my condolences to his family and friends.
Поклонники не могут поверить в смерть звезды фильма «Не бойся, я с тобой!»

On 84-m to year of life died legendary stuntman and circus performer Did Kantemirov, who played a major role in the famous two-part film Julia Guzman, “do Not fear, I am with you!”. An elderly man died Wednesday, August 30.

The Ministry of culture of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania reported that the star for a long time struggled with a serious disease, whose name is not specified.

“After heavy and long illness died people’s artist of Russia, people’s artist of North Ossetia-Alania Did Cantemir. (…) He brought in his theater the whole galaxy of masters of the horse dizzying stunts. The audience Did Kantemirov known for the films “fear Not, I am with you”, “Hostage”, “two steps from Paradise”, “primary Russia”, “the Tale of brave Khochbar”, “March”, “Park of the Soviet period”, – said on the official website of the Department.
Поклонники не могут поверить в смерть звезды фильма «Не бойся, я с тобой!»

Many fans circus performer condolences to his family and friends in social networks. They remember the role of Kantemirova, and Did not wish him to rest in peace. “I’m sorry. The bright memory”, “God rest his soul! Wonderful hearted man”, “the Legend. What kind of people go,” “the Great son of the Caucasus! A real Highlander-horseman in the best sense of the word! Bow to his memory…”, “He will always be in our hearts”, “no Words…”, “Here and went to the Maestro in his last journey…”, “Great”, write the Internet users.

Among those who shared their memories about the artist, turned poet and actor Vladimir Vishnevsky.

“The bright memory of Kantemirova Did… was and still is real. Thank you, I have been blessed with your friendship. Thanks to the artist Abbas Kazimova, who once brought me to Novogorsk, where he lived and worked Did surrounded by his loving horses…” – he wrote on his page on “Facebook”.

The Director of the North Ossetian theatre KVN Exiled Pliev also saddened by the death star of the circus and cinema. “Left a real knight. The idol, who wanted to be like millions of boys all over the Soviet Union. Real Ossetians Did Cantemir. The Kingdom of heaven…” – he said goodbye with a celebrity.

Three years ago, the Internet organized a fundraiser to help Kantemirova Did. Friends of the actor reported that he suffered a stroke and is undergoing treatment.