Сергей Шнуров и Дмитрий Маликов нашли общий язык
The musicians discuss a joint project.

Dmitry Malikov and Sergey Shnurov

Photo: @dmitriy_malikov (Instagram Dmitry Malikov)

Dmitry Malikov and Sergey
Cords, which, by the way, recently invited to speak at the “Eurovision-2017”, thinking on a common project. All of a sudden, the pianist and naughty
a musician talking about a possible duet.

That the performers
discuss cooperation became known thanks to Dmitry. He said that
him with the soloist of group “Leningrad” long-established warm and friendly relations. Recently Malikov was passing
in Saint-Petersburg and accidentally I met Sergei. Old friends
got to talking and in the course of this conversation was born the idea of a joint project. The main
the idea is already there — for a new song Sergei will play the piano, and Dmitry
guitar. The results of an unusual experiment, the fans, unfortunately
learn not soon. Shnurov Malikov ahead and expect a long search of creative
ideas, for which they agreed to meet more often.

“There is a question of creativity.
You just have to communicate more often, spend more time together. Then creative
people are definitely born some interesting ideas that can lead to
joint creativity!” — Dmitry told. By the way, Malikov had the experience
songs Shnurov. Once he performed in a live one radio station song
the author is Sergei.

It seems that musicians seriously
plan to create an unusual Duo. It is hoped that fans Shnurov and Malikova
also you will find the understanding, because in the short time they have together “anneal”
under the new creation the two seemed very different from artists.

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