Победителем «Танцев» стал «золотой» Пануфник

Just had the final show of “Dancing. Battle of the seasons”. For the first place fought last year’s winner Maxim Nesterovich, Nikita Orlov, Mitya Stoev, Julian Bucholz, Dima Maslennikov and Anton Panufnik. The audience has made its choice in favor of the latter.

Predictable finale can not be called. First, the composition of the finalists was controversial among fans of the show. Everyone expected to see the last concert of a favorite project of Vitaly Savchenko, but in the past, live Miguel sent him home.

“For me this decision was surprising, because I’ve seen Vitalik in the finals, and it was obvious for all participants and choreographers of the project, and for the audience. I was in it 100% sure, – said in a recent interview with Woman’s Day Miguel. But I have to make difficult decisions based solely on the professionalism and skill of the participant. Unfortunately, most of the audience doesn’t understand it and goes down to insults on social networks, based only on intuition and personal sympathy”.

In the end, reached the final six: Maxim Nesterovich, Nikita Orlov, Mitya Stoev, Julian Bucholz, Dima Maslennikov and Anton Panufnik. In this situation the victory of the predicted Maxim Nesterovich – the winner of the second season of the show “Dancing”.

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The fact is that from concert to concert, he has become a leader in the voting. Only a couple of times he conceded the palm to Panufnik Anton and Vitaly Savchenko, but for the most part is firmly held on the position of the pet viewers. And this is not unimportant. The voices of the audience gave the dancer the immune system – no one could expel him from the project. In the end, Nesterovich never got nominated for flight. And as the “battle of the seasons” is popularly dubbed as “battle of the fan”, it was obvious that Maxim this club is the most numerous of all.

But as they say, man proposes and God disposes. In the end, the winner of “battle of the seasons” was Anton Panufnik. And it’s well deserved.

Miguel has often said that if he missed Panufnik to the finals in the first season of the show, he would have won, because at that time he had an army of support. Yes it was then in love with half of the tele-viewers! But that was two years ago. Arriving at the “battle of the seasons” Panufnik a little passed the position, because of which he was greatly upset. The guy was sure that Miguel is guilty, they say, he made a bid for Savchenko, and therefore gives him better numbers.

“Anton Panufnik… he has his problems, and he agrees with them, confessed Miguel. — Although this does in principle not affect my choice, I’ve seen him in the finals initially. A few weeks ago we were standing on the street, and he once again insisted: “you Have the biggest opportunity of all participants. But you’re all fuckin ‘ up“. I’m sorry, but differently you will not tell. Anton does not actually engaged. And he still didn’t answer my main question: “Why do you need this win?” With Savchenko, Maslennikov, with Orlov it’s simple: they need it in order to Express themselves, this is the start of their creative lives. Same with Mitya Stevem. In the case of max Nesterovich on the contrary: it will be the end of his career, because he’s already old enough dancer, who understands that his career is nearing an end. AND DANCING. Battle of the seasons“ on TNT may be the last point, beautiful finish. And Anton Panufnik are unable to crack: on the one hand, he wants to win and get the title of “Best dancer” on the other – he says he’s going to quit dancing and do something else. This is why you broke your knees, broke himself all to just leave? For me it’s crazy”.

But what would the conversations go between the participant and the mentor, the audience his opinion. They felt that Anton Panufnik is the best dancer on this project.

And you for whom in the final “Dance. Battle of the seasons” was sick?

  • For max Nesterovich – he and Katia are the coolest!
  • I for Orlov, it’s like no one else.
  • For Anton Panufnik: from the very beginning it was clear that he is the leader.
  • Julianna Bucholz. There must have been at least once to win girl!
  • My vote was for Mitya Staeva – that’s where you can see the real work.
  • For Dima Maslennikov, knowingly Egor for him changed the rules.

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