Сергея Пенкина обокрали на миллион рублей в центре Москвы The singer fell asleep on a bench near the cafe where he spent time on the weekend. Later, Sergei Penkin was discovered that he stole valuables and a considerable amount of money. The actor called the police for help.
Сергея Пенкина обокрали на миллион рублей в центре Москвы

Singer Sergei Penkin spent their leisure time in one of the cafes of the capital, he was at the same table with strangers him before men. At three a.m. he went out from institution in the center of Moscow, at the Kuznetsky bridge, and he felt a compulsion to sleep, fell asleep on one of the benches. After awakening he found that they lost their own things. In the list of stolen items included watches, gold chain with cross, ring and expensive mobile phone. Besides, after the party, the singer turned out to be a considerable amount of cash money – 30 thousand rubles, which also disappeared without a trace, like everything else.

Sergey Penkin has addressed in law enforcement bodies with the request to find his things. However, he did this not in hot pursuit, but only four days later. However, the artist does not lose hope that his property will be found safe and sound. The damage he estimated at one million ten thousand rubles. The police opened a criminal case of theft in especially large size and began to search for the criminals.

Сергея Пенкина обокрали на миллион рублей в центре Москвы

A few days ago Sergey Penkin walked to the birthday party of his friend Vladimir BRILYOV. Probably, the incident occurred on the eve of the celebration, but the artist did not sign and did not want to spoil the birthday celebration a bad mood.

The singer became known for his voice – its range is four octaves. Fame and popularity came to him in the early 90s. He held concerts in the major concert venues. Active performances bring the artist a good income – he admitted that he lives in a luxurious house. For the life looked after by specially employed people – the maid and the guard. However, the girl who would be mistress of his bachelor of housing, he never met. Despite the fact that many dream to connect my life with Penkin, he was upset when saw the love for him as an artist, not as a person. Sergey rescued from solitude, frequent visits of the sisters and nieces.

As reported Agency city news “Moscow” in a cafe artist drank alcohol and while intoxicated fell asleep near the café.