Экс-супруг Марии Мироновой украл сына после измен жены Igor Udalov took the child. Recently the businessman had serious conflicts with his wife Angelica, and they even planned a divorce. The businessman’s wife wrote a statement to the police when he realized that his son was gone.
Экс-супруг Марии Мироновой украл сына после измен жены

Former husband of Maria Mironova, Igor Udalov, with whom the actress lived for 7 years, got into a bad situation. The businessman got in a fight with current wife Angelica. As it turned out, the conflict was to blame the beloved Udalova. For several months she kept cheating with 35-year-old Alexei. However, the secret is out, when her lover lost his temper and made a real riot. The man was blackmailing her and begging for money, or promised to report to Igor. Once he caught Angelica in the yard, grabbed her laptop, smashed it, and smashed the barrier. Then Alexei had written a statement, but he was released under recognizance not to leave.

Since then, relations between spouses got worse. Angelica and Igor began to talk about divorce, but a long time did not filed for divorce because they have a son Artem. Angelica began to live separately, and the child was taken to her grandmother.

Igor decided to take his son to him and picked him up in Kuzminki. According to the businessman, on arrival home he saw on the back of the child multiple bruises, so I removed a beating and wrote the application in police.

However, at this time, police received another document. Angelica reported that Artem was taken away by three unknown men. Supposedly they came by car and took her son when he was walking with his grandmother. They pushed the woman.

After the police appealed to Udalova, he confirmed that the child is with him. To confirm his words he gave the police the video, filmed on a phone by the driver. According to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, it can be seen that there was no abduction was not.

We will remind that Igor Udalov – the only man of Maria Mironova, from whom she bore a child. The son of a businessman and actress, Andrew followed in the footsteps of his mother: he is in the Theater. Evgeny Vakhtangov. After the breakup of the actress and the businessman had maintained a good relationship.