Sergey Lazarev turned to the audience of the Eurovision song contest with a fiery speech

Сергей Лазарев обратился к зрителям Евровидения с пламенной речью
Night, may 16, Sergey Lazarev returned to Moscow after the speech with the song “You Are The Only One in Stockholm at the musical contest “Eurovision 2016”.

Сергей Лазарев обратился к зрителям Евровидения с пламенной речью

Fans, fans and just lovers of high quality show met Sergei at the airport with flags and flowers.

For us it came back a winner.

Recall that in the final Russian singer took third place. This is despite the fact that it was the audience in your vote awarded him a landslide victory, giving the highest number of votes. But because of the innovations this year, the final result was influenced by the evaluation of the jury, the majority of countries gave preference to the representative of Ukraine – Jamal.

In an interview Sergei said that after all he wants to believe that this contest will win music, not politics, and later made a fiery speech:

“It was nice that the audience of Europe, the television audience of Eurovision gave Russia first place, and the song “You are the only one”. This is a great happiness. Unfortunately, the jury decided otherwise. As for any political aspects that were involved in a music competition, it seems to me that it’s not quite right. It’s still a song contest. Politics should not intervene in musical competitions”.

Congratulations Sergey! And I note that still, the important thing is the evaluation of the viewer, according to which Lazarev was in this contest first.

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