Chaliapin and Kalashnikov lost millions because of cancelled wedding

Шаляпин и Калашникова потеряли миллионы из-за отмены свадьбы Lovers actively preparing for the celebration, but, apparently, it never will be. Anna Kalashnikov still hopes that Prokhor Chaliapin will be able to forgive her, but he remains adamant. Previously, the artist said that he was hurt and offended to learn the truth about his paternity.

      Шаляпин и Калашникова потеряли миллионы из-за отмены свадьбы

      It would seem that the pair are not just experienced their feelings and their relationship is the only possible continuation of the wedding, which was to be held on may 24. But a month before this broadcast “Let them talk” Prokhorov and Anna had a fight – a DNA test showed that Chaliapin is not the father-year-old Daniel.

      Son Kalashnikova was not born from Chaliapin

      At the end of April the preparation for the celebration was in full swing. Rings, dresses, suits and even restaurant menus were ready… but the offense forced the singer to break off the engagement. How much it turned the failed wedding, learned “StarHit”.

      “As soon as Prokhorov made ane offer, they turned for help to our Agency Svadberry – says “StarHit” master of ceremonies Anna Goroga. – The original budget was 5 million, but in the process of training amount increased to 15. We as an Agency did not suffer much damage – all coated in advance. Our bride had three dresses from Russian designers, each costing about one million rubles. For Ani was sewn a 24-metre-long veil, it is another 200. And for Prokhor made three costumes, they cost $ 2 million. For the engagement ring gave 1.5 million.

      Шаляпин и Калашникова потеряли миллионы из-за отмены свадьбы

      We from the Agency Svadberry ordered a gift to the bride and groom – the same rings “Phoenix” from Uvelir Moskow. Also on an exclusive project was made a bird with a five-meter wingspan glass: underneath Anya and Prokhorov had to be registered in the registry office. And behind her was planning to offer 3D plasma screen with a height of 6 meters – this would create the effect that the bird is flying. The idea cost the guys in the 800 thousands. To celebrate we gathered in the restaurant in the centre of the capital, which would draw in Russian folk style. For the design we ordered 1000 of wheat, white roses, peonies, poppies. A decorator by Maria Kamenskaya. At the last moment the organizers had to stop the menu operation, the amount per person was approximately 15 thousand 700 thousand plus alcohol. Guests were invited 200 people. To the restaurant, the newlyweds were supposed to drive carriage horses, her rent 150 thousand”.

      Шаляпин и Калашникова потеряли миллионы из-за отмены свадьбы

      Perhaps Chaliapin and Kalashnikov still be reconciled, but the oil poured into the fire, a friend of the singer – writer and socialite Lena Lenina, which always disliked the bride.

      Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikova: what can we expect from the unpredictable pair?

      “Lenin was poisoned his mind against Anya, – shares with “StarHit” the familiar pair Marina Gertsen. – She always insisted on a DNA test. Prokhorov loves the Child and does not dare think that his son is not. When it turned out true, Lenin blurted out: “I told you so! Throw it, be a man! You trampled in the mud”. It was not necessary Ana after the first breakup to come back. Remember, last year he had promised, and then called off the wedding. The second date is April 15 fell through because of the tragedy – grandmother died, Ani, and that this number has been 40 days since her death. Apparently, it’s a sign”.

      Close try not to get into conflict, just gently give advice, pushing for a truce. But while Prokhorov is not going to change the decision.

      Шаляпин и Калашникова потеряли миллионы из-за отмены свадьбы“It’s a nightmare,” says “StarHit” Kalashnikov. The first time I couldn’t eat, sleep. Now I just feel hurt, worried about his son because he suffers the most. Danya’s father was, and now… he’s gone. Many insult me, but how can you judge without understanding? I will say one thing: I believe, soon everyone will know the truth. Friends Chaliapin even more turning us against each other. He is emotional, he lashed out, but soon come to their senses. Prokhorov on tour, we stay in touch. About the wedding, neither of which I can not say – everything depends on it. The celebration is ready, I hope for the best. Accept any decision, because I respect Prochorus, love and appreciate. This person is important, as long as he was around.”

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