Sergey Lazarev for the first time spoke about the disappointment of the European refereeing

Сергей Лазарев впервые заговорил о разочаровании европейским судейством 21 countries in the final of “Eurovision” has put the Russian artists zero points. Sergey Lazarev admits that he was surprised at this result. The singer admitted that he had a premonition of the sudden end of the contest.

      Сергей Лазарев впервые заговорил о разочаровании европейским судейством

      Last Saturday the whole country breathlessly watched the finals of the international music contest “Eurovision”. The combined results of televoting and jury were quite unexpected for Russia, the party from which Sergei Lazarev were expected to win. In the first place was the Ukrainian singer Jamala, second place went to the contestant from Australia Demi Them, and the Russians with the number for the song “You are the only one” was only the third.

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      At home Victoria greeted as the winner, because, according to the total rating of the audience voting of all countries participating in the contest, he had to get first place. Sergei summed the jury, which this year was introduced for the first time in the history of Eurovision. Some countries have set artists zero points.

      “For us it was a great surprise and a revelation, and surprised, that the members of the jury twenty-one countries gave us zero points, – commented Sergey. – Despite the fact that the viewers of these same countries gave us the highest score. Turned out completely opposite opinions. And, most interestingly, in the first semifinal of the same members of the jury gave me the points. Now all this information is open, it is possible to look. In the first semi-final we scored the maximum points, in my opinion, 341 score. In the second semifinal Australia scored less points than we do. That is, if together to take both semi-finals, from the very beginning the leadership was in Russia. And, you know, I didn’t want politics to interfere, as I talked about it a lot there, at “Eurovision”. I had a huge number of interviews, and I always talked about the fact that after all this is a music contest”.

      Interestingly, a few days before finals stopped taking bets on Russia, because it was obvious that it will win this country. In addition, Sergey Lazarev received a special prize from the press. The voting took place among more than five thousand journalists who were accredited for the competition. And the victory went to the Russian representative.

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      “I had such a gut feeling that the members of the jury, we will hold the points. Because it is very obvious the leadership of Russia this year was the competition for room, for training, for our confidence and approach to business. And, of course, the feeling that this boycott, which we decided in the end to declare that it is present. I’m not going to blame anyone, but the facts speak for themselves. Exactly these zeros from countries – 21 countries gave us zero points – it seems like we generally do on stage did not…” – disappointedly said Lazarev in the program “live”.

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