Anastasia Denisova married

Анастасия Денисова вышла замуж The actress, who played a major role in the TV series “Deffchonki”, was combined by marriage with his elect Bogdan Oska. The lovers sealed their Alliance in one of registry Offices of Moscow. Wedding date fell on the birthday of Anastasia.

      Анастасия Денисова вышла замуж

      The actress Anastasia Denisova today, a double celebration. The star of the series “Deffchonki” celebrates 31st birthday, and today she became the wife of her lover, Bogdan Oska. The couple were married in the registry office Khoroshevskaya Moscow. The newly made husband and wife are already receiving congratulations from friends and colleagues. After painting, Bogdan and Anastasia went to a wedding walk in Moscow.

      Anastasia Denisova shares experiences before the wedding

      For the wedding Denisov was preparing for a very long time. Movie star wanted to make this day everything was perfect. She lost 15 pounds before the ceremonial date, chose a beautiful floor-length dress with a laconic cut, and also appealed to well-known among the representatives of show-business professionals of Svadberry who are organizing weddings. It is on the page of this event-Agency in the social network appeared the first photos from the wedding ceremony Denisova and Oska.

      Bogdan and Anastasia are now a family, we married them today! Cheers! Organized for them a beautiful and exciting wedding! Wait for photos!”, – so signed the photo with the newlyweds.

      Анастасия Денисова вышла замуж

      Initially, a loud celebration was not planned. Lovers wanted to have dinner in a narrow circle of close after the registry office and then go on a honeymoon. However, the honeymoon couple was a little moved. Then Denisov and decided, why not walk with panache in honor of two important events that took place on 17 may. Wedding Agency helped the couple to pick the restaurant, which was perfect for the occasion.

      From the Tuesday morning Denisova carefully prepared to embark on the threshold of the Palace of marriage the most charming bride. It showed its subscribers in Instagram, as did her holiday packing. In turn, her fans left her pleasant words and wishes. “Happiness, love and all the best”, “good Health and a strong family!”, “The Council and love you. Long years of common life”, – wrote fans.

      Recall that Bogdan and Anastasia met on the set of the project “Girl middle-aged” two years ago. Oska worked as a cameraman, constantly saw Denisov in the frame, so couldn’t help but notice her cheerfulness and sparkling eyes. Between colleagues soon began a whirlwind romance, and since then they are inseparable.

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