Sergey Lazarev at Eurovision faces disqualification

Сергею Лазареву на «Евровидении» грозит дисквалификация
Before the first semi-final of the contest Anastasia Stotskaya, which is a member of the Russian jury, grossly violated the rules.

Сергею Лазареву на «Евровидении» грозит дисквалификация

Sergey Lazarev

Photo: Mark Steinbock

Anastasia Stotskaya

Photo: Vladislav Volkov

A real scandal broke out at the international song
the Eurovision song contest. 33-year-old singer Anastasia Stotskaya led broadcast rehearsal
the first semi-final on the social network. In this case
Stotsky commented on the performances of the participants from the Netherlands and Armenia. According to
the rules of the competition, the choice of preference national juries must not be disclosed
prior to the announcement of the results. The organizers of “Eurovision”
in its official microblog on Twitter wrote that will assess
videos. Violations of the rules of the jury can result in severe
penalties and even disqualification of the country!

“They say that I violated the rules of confidentiality, we
warned about these rules, and said that it is impossible to publish the results,
what I actually did. I shot myself on video and posted to a blog without
malice in order to promote competition. Now we have to wait what’s next
will, I was very shocked and much worried over this situation,” Stotsky told reporters.

Recall that the “Eurovision 2016” is held in Stockholm. The Swedish artist måns Zelmerlow won a year ago the victory in Vienna, performing the song “Heroes”. It was the second victory of the Swedish participant for three years. The first semifinal will be held today, 10
may, the second semi — final on 12 may, and he
the final will take place on 14 may in Stockholm.

In total participation in the music competition will be
artists from 42 countries. Russia will be represented by Sergey Lazarev with the song “You are the one”. Today the singer has to perform at the semi-final under the number 9.

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