Kaley cuoco completed his divorce

Кейли Куоко завершила свой развод
Actress happy-found freedom.

Кейли Куоко завершила свой развод

Kaley Cuoco

Кейли Куоко завершила свой развод

Kaley cuoco with Ryan Swetenham

Star “Theory
big Bang finally completed the divorce with Ryan Swetenham. Now Kaylee can
a clear conscience to build a relationship with her new boyfriend, Charles cook.

Kaylie filed on
divorce with Ryan about eight months ago. The wedding, cuoco and Suiting played in
2013, that is, their marriage lasted only two years. The kids are during this time
acquire did not have time. Talking about the reasons for his divorce, the actress
complained of what was once a very active professional tennis player
Suiting, becoming her husband, quickly got lazy and wanted to live at her expense.

Luckily for Kaylee, before you get married to Ryan, she asked him to sign a prenup
contract. So the financial loss cuoco after the divorce was minimal.
It has retained its pre-marital capital, and both at home: one that is located in the southern
the suburbs of Los Angeles and one in Santa Barbara. The only thing
managed to achieve Suitengu is to get from his now ex-wife
spousal alimony in the amount of 165 thousand dollars a year.

Meanwhile, if
would Kaylee did not care about the marriage contract, its loss could be very
significant. Argue that the creators of the successful series “Theory of large
explosion” concluded the actress an agreement under which 72 episodes it will get
… a whopping 72 million dollars! And if not for the marriage contract, Suiting,
California law, could claim half of that amount.

But now,
when all legal formalities behind, cuoco was again a free woman,
she is very by the way. After all, recently she started Dating new boyfriend —
Carl Cook. And cook, thankfully, is definitely not to covet her money, because
he is quite a wealthy man. Besides, he has a good
prospects, since he is the son of billionaire Scott cook.

Kaley cuoco with her new boyfriend Charles cook

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