Sergey Bezrukov is planning a baby with new wife

Сергей Безруков планирует ребёнка с новой женой

Famous Russian actor of theatre and cinema Sergey Bezrukov recently married his sweetheart Anna matison, and does not intend to delay in a long box the birth of their child. Journalists managed to talk with the new grandmother wife of the artist, which suggested that her granddaughter already is under the heart of a child.

How did you learn to reporters, the secret of his wedding Sergey and Anne has kept from everyone, even those closest to you. Grandma Anna doesn’t get mad at her granddaughter, she was happy that she was able to achieve personal happiness.
With Sergei, they met last year. He loved the Mathison family, seemed to him “an intelligent, attentive and caring”.
“I’m happy for Anya and Sergey. Congratulated them on the phone. On the 8th, I spoke to them, noticed that they are in high spirits, some very festive” — said Oktyabrina Pavlovna. According to her, Anna and Sergei did not arrange lush holiday due to the fact that both are busy at work.
“The daughter learned about the wedding only after a few days, they told her on the phone. Anna and Sergei got married in the middle of the day, during the break. They didn’t want much fanfare, doesn’t like to expose their feelings. The more that this marriage is not the first” — she said and suggested that the couple rushed to get married because of pregnancy.. Anna.
“Here I am, most importantly, wondered why they were in such a hurry to implement this procedure? Perhaps already expecting a baby? She’s with her mother about something were whispered, but it’s such a sensitive subject” said Oktyabrina Pavlovna.

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