Уход Елены Летучей из «Ревизорро» спровоцировал скандал Leading the fans launched a campaign to get her back in the show. After the announcement of the TV channel “Friday”, Elena Volatile in the program “Revizorro” will replace the ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” Olga Romanovskaya, in the Internet appeared the hashtag #verniciature.

      Уход Елены Летучей из «Ревизорро» спровоцировал скандал

      Recently it became known that the new face of the program “Revizorro” will be a former member of the trio “VIA Gra” Olga Romanov. The artist will succeed in this position, the audience favorite Elena Volatile. This decision was taken by the channel after casting, during which the leading show auditioned many talented and bright people.

      By the way, among the candidates has even mentioned the name of the scandalously famous actor Nikita Dzhigurda. However, something between him and the producers of the show did not grow together, and in the end the choice fell on the well-known singer.

      Nikita Dzhigurda was invited to become the new host of “Revizorro”

      Interestingly, the news about the new host of “Revizorro” had in mind not all fans of the program. Many of them simply could not provide at the place of the Flying Romanovs. Without any shadow of doubt, the initiative group organized an all-Russian action in support of Helena. The Network users started spreading the hashtag #verniciature.

      Уход Елены Летучей из «Ревизорро» спровоцировал скандал

      Fans of the show explained his actions by saying that, in their opinion, Olga looks too revealing for a program of inspection of hotels and cafes. The image that emerged of the singer in the time of participation in the group “VIA Gra”, were not satisfied with the young audience “Revizorro”.

      We will remind, the fatal brunette appeared in the team of producer Konstantin Meladze in 2006. A new member of the trio was presented at a concert of the reality show “star Factory”. The singer is very organically fit into the format, but soon declared that leaves the stage. The reason for this was its interesting position. Since Romanov has devoted himself to the family. Now Olga will open a new page in his career, becoming a TV presenter.

      Meanwhile, among the fans of Helen Volatile debates are still going about her departure from “Revizorro”. One possible reason is called conflict with the guide channel. The other fear aggressive heroes program. Another hypothesis is that the star is expecting another baby. However, information about pregnancy Flying denied.

      Despite this, Helena does not hide that in the near future may become a mother. She has repeatedly said that is ripe for the education of the child. “In 25 years I believed I was not ready to become a wife and mother, because at that time I would be a bad wife and mother. I had other goals. Still, maybe the next person was not quite the same. In any case everything must happen on time and knowingly, – said lead in an interview with reporters. Only recently I began to feel that he would like to have a baby – there are women’s maturity, maybe.”

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