Сергей Безруков наслаждается отцовством Actor joy even sleepless nights. The successor of Sergei Bezrukov Masha, who recently turned five months old, started teething. Babe gives now a lot of trouble to their parents. But in recognition of the actor, he’s incredibly happy to watch as his daughter grows, and wish all the same fatigue, which these days feels.

      Famous actor Sergei Bezrukov last summer became a father. Charming daughter Masha gave him a beloved wife, stage Director Anna matison. Sergey Bezrukov literally dissolves in your family. He loves his wife and the little heiress, as evidenced by the posts in his microblog on this topic.

      Now all the star family is on tour in Germany, which is already coming to an end. The artist had performed there in a solo performance “life, theatre, cinema” and wife with a daughter to keep him company. Of course, from the busy schedule, the artist gets tired. Besides recently a lot of trouble Bezrukov and his wife deliver a daughter Masha. Have a five month old baby is teething, and loving parents are sensitive to the whims of the child. Sergey Bezrukov is recognized that these difficulties, his only joy, and his fatigue, he believes the best reward. The actor is enjoying his paternity and considers himself a very happy person.

      “In recent years, among fans, goes the view, they say, look tired. My dear! I wish you all a great fatigue! Sleepless nights, a daughter. We have began teething. Already two erupted! All parents Oh how I understand. This is happiness!”, – wrote to Sergey Bezrukov in a microblog.

      It should be noted that usually prefer not to tell the public about the details of family life, Sergei Bezrukov after the birth of Masha has become distinctly more open. Albeit infrequently, but he shares photos of baby in microblogging, each time causing a storm of enthusiasm among his fans. Sergey Bezrukov marks the first anniversary of little girl

      We will remind, in March of this year it became known that the creative Union of Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison’s turned into a family. Star officially married. The celebration took place behind closed doors.

      In early June, on the eve of the festival “Kinotavr” in Sochi, the pair have announced that soon their family is expected to replenish. The couple are pretty private life, but knowing that they will have to attend public events, decided to make an official statement.

      “In order to avoid unwanted hype on the festival “Kinotavr” Sergey Bezrukov reported in advance to his fans and reporters that he and his wife are expecting a baby,” said then the representatives required.