Поклонники переживают за здоровье Ольги Бузовой Telediva complained of feeling unwell. Olga Buzova felt unwell during a tour in Krasnodar. However, she decided not to cancel the performance at one of the clubs of this city, where she was waiting for hundreds of fans who love the new hit Buzova “the sounds of kissing.

      Olga Buzova for the past few weeks is under public scrutiny. On the one hand, fans are truly worried about the Olga, who is in a state of divorce from her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov, on the other, enjoy creative success Buzova, who recently recorded a new song, “Under the kissing noises” instantly became a hit. Olga Buzova poured my heart out: “Nerves stretched”

      The star gave his fans another reason to worry about her. The body of Olga Buzova could not stand the emotional overload and failed – the media personality was ill. However, despite poor health, she did not cancel his performance at one of the clubs of Krasnodar, where he arrived on tour. She knew, sold all tickets, so fans will have to wait for her songs, and especially new – “the sounds of kissing.”

      “Ill. Body still failed. Well, how so? To hurt me never. Sure Krasnodar will cure me today. The first drug – a stunning bouquet of tulips from my faithful assistant. Thank you” – wrote in the microblog Olga Buzova.

      Subscribers an aspiring singer immediately supported her and wished a speedy recovery. “Olga, get well soon”, “Very sick, you know this state more lukewarm to drink it”, “Buzik, get well,” “Tea with raspberry for the night… a glass of currant with sugar and tea”, “a Speedy recovery, do not get sick!”, – comments left in the microblog Buzova her followers.

      Judging by the video, which was posted late star, her performance in the club of Krasnodar was just a “cheers”. Olga worked all night. Kept a young woman very professionally, laying out fully on the stage, so to the uninitiated it was never to guess that before them stands not a well man. “Thank you. I have no words, the whole club sings along with me, at least it is worth living. Love you! Take care of yourself and not get sick,” commented the video Olga Buzova.

      It is worth noting that despite the difficult period in life, Buzova swept depression – presenter finds solace in the work. She took part in the filming of the movie released the song. Besides, Olga decided to radically change your appearance – from the platinum blonde she was a brunette burning.