Alisa VOX undressed in bed

Алиса Вокс разделась в постели The singer shared the racy photo. Black-and-white photographs of Alice posing with his back to the viewer. The girl wearing only panties in a retro style that accentuate her shape. Judging by the signature to the frame, VOKS was pleased with this work.

      The ex-soloist of “Leningrad” Alisa VOX never ceases to amaze the audience. After leaving the team, she began a solo career and even changed the style of music in which she would like to work. At the moment, the artist is fully focused on his career, therefore, actively cooperates with glossy magazines and TV channels. Alisa VOX: “Shnurov had the wisdom and courage not to spoil our relationship”

      In the microblog of the VOCs showed a new photo, which poses in the Nude. From the clothes the singer only underwear made of translucent fabric. She took such a pose that you can also see the beautiful curves of her back and even bare chest. In the caption to the picture she noted that she liked the photographer’s work. “Open the January issue of MAXIM magazine, and there is so much beauty. Sit now admire,” admitted the actress.

      According to an earlier frame placed in its “Instagram”, the whole photo shoot took place on the bed. Experts in style, only changing the VOX in different models of clothes that emphasized her shape. Girl happy with her body and tries to adjust to modern ideals of beauty, as it believes that they are too often changed.

      Members of the singer was thrilled with these candid shots. “Gorgeous photo and submission”, “Exciting girl”, “In man, everything should be fine – here is the proof”, “Fascinating”, wrote the followers of the star.

      In February next year, will start a solo tour of Alice. The first concert will be held on the Day of defender of the Fatherland in one of the clubs of St. Petersburg. Starting to act separately from the collective Sergei Shnurov, the girl began to behave much more modest. Before that, there were times when she could appear before the audience in a revealing dress or to undress to his underwear. However, the VOX is never embarrassed.

      “We have a lot of performances where actors came out completely naked, and it is clear that in everyday life they do not go, and when you play Chekhov or Gogol, then don’t talk the same phrases. Everyone has always understood what is the Alice they know for 29 years, and have Alice on the stage with the band “Leningrad”, – confessed Alisa “StarHit”.