Sergey Bezrukov has spent all the money on shooting

Сергей Безруков потратил все деньги на съемки
The actor is raising funds to finish the film.

Photo: Instagram

In early August, Sergey Bezrukov began acting in the film “Pushkin. Whiskey. Rock-n-roll” Anna matison. In three months the movie was fully filmed, but, alas, the “filmmakers” over sponsorship money. Therefore, the filmmakers decided that Sergey Bezrukov on the rights of the main character and husband, the Director will ask the people to help raise funds to painting saw the light.

“We shot a great movie “Pushkin. Whiskey. Rock-n-roll” based on the novel “Sanctuary” by Sergei Dovlatov, — said Bezrukov. — We have modern history. We replaced the writer Boris rock musician Konstantin. In our film, brilliant cast: Anna Mikhalkova, Gosha Kutsenko, Alexander Semchev, Victor Bychkov, Mitya Khrustalev, Leonid Agutin… All their money we have already invested, the film is shot. There was one large stage that you need to complete to movie came out in wide release. To do the dubbing, computer graphics, rewriting, editing and so on and so forth. And it all requires money. Therefore, we appeal to the audience. We prepared for them special items. I think they’ll like it!”

Lots of really very interesting. To “thank you” from the doctor costs 100 rubles. For 500 rubles you can buy all the songs in digital format. For 3000 rubles — the same songs plus a t-shirt. For 10,000 rubles, you can appear in the credits. To get to the theatre, Sergei Vitalyevich, chat with him backstage, and also appear on the closed premiere of “Pushkin” costs 100 000 rubles. Doll-Pushkin, who starred in the movie some kind of symbolic role, is 179 900 rubles. Ring the main character, made in a single copy, will cost 1 million rubles. For 3 million you can become an official information partner of the paintings and to see their company logo on all billboards. For 5 million rubles, you can become a film producer. However, the creators of the movie doubt last the lots will be popular. But as you know, all the large sums, especially to charity, I intend to “100.” So the viewers and fans of doctor there is a huge chance next year to see “Pushkin. Whiskey. Rock-n-roll” in all theaters of the country.