Mitya Fomin made his debut in the theater

Митя Фомин дебютировал в театре
The singer gets used to a new role.

Mitya Fomin

Photo: personal archive

Fomin made his debut in the theatre in Moscow took place the premiere of performance “the Family
Fani” on the play by a contemporary playwright Daniel Agron with the participation of the singer.

colorful Jewish Comedy Mitya played one of the main characters — the younger son
in a large family.

“In fact, in this
the play all roles main, says about your character Mitya. — We are a Jewish family who moved
from Odessa and lives in Haifa. Constantly going to the table,sorimsya,
his passions are, the audience laughed, and my hero Garik all leads to
common denominator — someone marries, someone gives
married. It is very similar to me – I also
strive for environmental harmony.”

it is recognized that on the stage wanted for a long time and a long time this went on. In his youth he was a student at Novosibirsk
theatre school, then at
a furious contest
he entered the film Institute, but
got a contract with Hi-Fi and was not able to learn, then GITIS was suffering expulsion due to failure to appear at the session
because of tours. And finally, a dream come true.

On stage
Mitya, people’s artist of Russia Vladimir Steklov, honored artist of Russia
Vladimir Dolinsky, honored artist of Russia Lyudmila Tatarova-Dzhigurda,
the inimitable Olga Khokhlova. “About this
the composition could only dream of — says the singer. – Me as a beginner it is very exciting to stand
with such well-known actors on one stage. Feel greater